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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on November 30, 2009

New Orleans Saints -2 vs New England Patriots

Tonight’s game has been talked about for the past month, and hyped for the last week. The Patriots are back to playing like the Patriots of a couple years ago, minus the 4th quarter of the Colts game, and the Saints are still undefeated. If I could see any two teams play each this week, this game would be in the top five match ups I would choose. Behind maybe Saints vs Vikings, Saints vs Colts, Vikings vs Colts. Now with the pick. First off the -2 means nothing to me in football. Rarely are games won by 2 or less so the spread is useless in this situation. This game should be a shoot out with two great offenses. I am predicting the Patriots getting off to a fast start and taking a lead into halftime. New England has been a poor second half team this year while the Saints have been incredible in the second half and especially the fourth quarter. The pats are not making the adjustments at half that their opposition is. See Jets, Broncos, Colts games against the Patriots. I see the Saints staying close at half and taking off in the second half and winning this game by 10.

Saints over Patriots – Scuttlebutt Record – (4-4)
Last weeks pick, due to thanksgiving holiday, Titans +4 over the Texans resulted in a win as the Titans won another one 20 – 17.

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