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Tuesday’s Scuttlebutt

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

  • Andrew Bogut
  • Kobe vs Jordan
  • Lakers -10 vs Thunder
  • Clark Griswold Christmas

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Stat Line of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Andrew Bogut – Bucks

31 pts 18 reb 3 ast 3 blk 1 stl – W 84-81 vs Pacers

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Tuesday’s Matchup

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan – Stats

Both Kobe and Michael have are very similar players. The type of game they play is very similar, both won their championships under the great Phil Jackson, and both are and were the best of their decade. For my entire life Michael Jordan was my favorite player and I will choose him over anyone in any toss up. Now I am not blind to real talent because Jordan is and will always be my guy. I still truly beleive he is the better basketball player. So enough with the talk, this post is meant to compare two of the games greatest in a statistical manor. (all stats courtesy of

Career Averages

Michael Jordan in bold
Kobe Bryant in Italics

Field Goal Percentage

Single Season Best

Field Goal Percentage

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Oklahoma City Thunder +10 at Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Durant will share the stage with Kobe in the bright lights of LA tonight. The Lakers look even better than they were one year ago when they won the Championship. The Thunder are the leagues most improved team with a record hovering around .500 apposed to the 3 or 4 wins they had at this point last season. I predict the young future stars of the Thunder will put up a good fight tonight in a loss but keep it close. For this selection I am going with the Thunder to lose by less than ten and win with the spread.

Thunder over Lakers – Scuttlebutt record – (9-10)
Last Night’s Pick, Redskins +3 over Giants, resulted in a Loss with the Giants dominating the Redskins 45-12.

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Quote of the Day

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

“We’re kicking off our fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols.”

Clark W. Griswold

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Monday’s Scuttlebutt

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

  • Cribbs Kickoff Return
  • Top Teams in Sports
  • Big Ben
  • Chris Paul
  • Jerome Harrison
  • Cribbs again
  • Zach Randolph
  • Giants -3 at Redskins
  • Peter Gammons

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Play of the Weekend

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Josh Cribbs sets the all time NFL record for Kick Returns for a Touchdown in a career with his second of the day

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Monday’s Top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

NFL Teams
Colts (14-0) –
Saints (13-1) –
Chargers (11-3) +1
Eagles (10-4) +1
Vikings (11-3) -2

Team to look out for… Cowboys (9-5) Shaky as they are, you can not deny the fact that they just took down the Saints and their pursuit at perfection.

NBA Teams
Lakers (22-4) –
Celtics (21-5) –
Hawks (19-7) –
Magic (20-7) –
Mavericks (20-8) –

Team to look out for… Grizzlies (12-15) Yes the Grizzlies.  Randolph is playing out of his head and the their list of December victories include the Cavaliers, Mavericks, and Nuggets.

NHL Teams
Devils (25-8-1) –
Blackhawks (23-8-3) +3
Penguins (25-10-1) -1
Capitals (22-8-6) –
Sharks (20-8-7) unranked

Team to look out for… Nashville Predators (22-11-3) This team just keeps winning despite the current management problems they are facing.

College Basketball Teams
Syracuse (11-0) –

Texas (10-0) +1
Kansas (10-0) -1
Kentucky (11-0) –
Purdue (10-0) –

Team to look out for… Richmond Spiders (8-3) With a weekend victory over the #11 ranked Florida Gators, the Spiders vastly improved their Tournament invitation chances.

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Stat Lines of the Weekend

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Jerome Harrison – Browns
34 car 286 yrds 3 TDs – W 41-34 vs Chiefs

Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers
29/46503 yrds 3 TDs – W 37-36 vs Packers

Zach Randolph – Grizzlies
32 pts 24 reb 3 ast 1 stl 1 blk – W 102 – 96 vs Nuggets
Chris Paul – Hornets

30 pts 19 ast 9 reb 1 stl – W 98-92 vs Nuggets

Josh Cribbs – Browns

6 ret 269 yrds 2 TDs – W 41-34 vs Chiefs

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Giants -3 at Redskins

No one should bet on this game.  It is a complete toss up.  The Giants look good one week and put up points every way possible, and the next they score less than ten and look like a Rams or Buccaneers team.  The Redskins have made a second half surge in terms of quality of play even though the wins have not shown up like they had hoped.  Ever since Zorn was stripped of his play calling duties, the Redskins have been a respectable team and have gone down to the wire to the best of teams including the Saints.  With such an unpredictable game to try to predict I am going with the Skins at home to take care of the Giants getting 3 points.

Skins over Gmen – Scuttlebutt Record – (9-9)
Last pick, Colts -3 over Jaguars, resulted in a Win with the Colts winning a close one 35-31

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