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Monday’s Top 5s

Posted by mvetack on January 4, 2010

NFL Teams
Chargers (13-3) +2

Colts (14-2) -1
Cowboys (11-5) unranked
Saints (13-3) -2
Vikings (12-4) –
Team to look out for… Packers (11-5) Packers are getting hot at the right time and just smoked the Cardinals in a preview of their first round match up next week. The defense is really showing up and looks like it could have the best unit in the Playoffs this year.

NBA Teams

Lakers (27-6) –
Cavaliers (27-9) unranked
Magic (24-9) +1
Celtics (24-8) -2
Suns (21-13) unranked

Team to look out for… Trailblazers (22-13) Despite the injuries that keep racking up for the young Blazers, Portland has kept their most important man Brandon Roy healthy and they have now won 8 of their last 10.

NHL Teams
Blackhawks (26-9-3) +1
Devils (26-9-1) -1
Capitals (24-8-6) +1
Sharks (23-8-7) +1
Penguins (25-10-1) -2

Team to look out for… Avalanche (22-12-6) They can’t quite become a dominant team but they have continued to impress by staying on top the Northwest Division by winning 5 of their last 7.

College Basketball Teams

Texas (13-0) +1
Kansas (13-0) +1
Kentucky (15-0) +1
Syracuse (13-1)
Purdue (13-0)

Team to look out for… Georgetown (11-1) The Hoyas sit just outside of the top ten rankings and will really be tested on January 9th against rival Uconn


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