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Can’t blame World Baseball Classic this time

Posted by mvetack on March 9, 2010

Injuries are part of the game and as much as guys prepare against them, they happen.  Joe Nathan threw a pitch in a regular spring training game and now has a torn UCL ligament (basically an elbow stabilizer).  The injury could cause Nathan to miss the entire 2010 season.  This injury happened in spring training and yet there is not talk of spring training needing to be canceled because it can injure or break down players.

Yes this is an over the top statement that I do not believe makes any sense but whenever a guy got hurt in the World Baseball Classic or a player started off slow in the regular season, people blame the World Baseball Classic for it.  Both times the WBC has taken place, more so this past one, nearly every mind in baseball with ten seconds of tv or radio time trashed the WBC for it is too risky for players to take part in.  Yet it is spring training where Joe Nathan got hurt this season, not the WBC where he played last year.

For some unknown reason people want more spring training and less entertainment in a world baseball tournament.  Yes the players will play more meaningful innings but they play about the same amount as they do during regular spring ball.  If anything they are more prepared for the regular season because of the top competition and playoff atmosphere taking place in March.

I just hope that when the WBC comes around again and someone stubs a toe, everyone remembers that injuries happen in spring training too.  Baseball is baseball.  Whether its a tournament or a wiffle ball game, injuries happen.

2 Responses to “Can’t blame World Baseball Classic this time”

  1. Tom Valcke said

    Right on. I too am blown away at the number of articles and verbal comments saying that the wear and tear on Dice-K’s arm during the WBC cost the Red Sox the World Series last year, and all of the other examples you cited. It is tiring to say the least. The WBC is going to become our industry’s version of the World Cup, and best of, unlike the Olympics, all of the proceeds are fed back into baseball and the global development of the world’s greatest game. You made your point well, concisely, and eloquently, and thus, joxygen is a place that I will return to read more.

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