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Urban Liar?

Posted by mvetack on March 18, 2010

Florida Coach Urban Meyer shocked the nation when he announced early this year that he was stepping down as Head Coach of the Florida Gators.   This statement did not last long as soon it was changed to taking a leave of absents from the football program due to health and stress reasons.  After hearing of the toll that coaching at the big time college level was taking on his health and family time, this seemed like a noble thing to do for a guy that high up in the coaching ranks.  This guy was putting his life in perspective and thinking about his health and long term relationship with his friends and family.

But yet again, another change in the schedule.  This time he was going to wait untill after his teams Bowl game for his leave of absence.  Ok so maybe he will not do as much preparation now that a National Title was out of the picture and hand some duties over to his assistant coaches.  The bowl game came and went and again Coach Meyer changed his leave of absence schedule.

Now Urban was going to wait till after National Signing day to stop working so hard and think about his health and family.  Ok Coach, now your just pushing this leave of absence thing a little.  So your going to wait till after all the hard stressful work of recruiting players to your team is over then when I would imagine most coaches take a little break you will take your so called leave of absence.  Well I guess he will get the hard work out of the way and take a long break until early August when practices start up and its time to get ready to make a run at an undefeated season.

Wait, what coach? Your back already?  That is true.  Coach Urban Meyer has ended his “leave of absence” in time to return for spring practice in Gatorville.  A review, National Signing day was early February and it is now mid March.  So Coach took off a total of a Month and a half between the end of signing players and the first possible practice.  This seems to be the one stretch during the year that a coach has little to do.  I’m not saying that Urban Meyer had to take any time off at all,  why would he, no other coach does.  But when you make it public that your health and possibly your family life is being hindered and the fix after talking to family and doctors is to take a break from the stressful job of being a head coach, I am starting to see that your priorities are in the wrong place.   Yes college football, especially in Florida, is important to so many people.  But at what cost.  Take care of yourself man.  Be good on your word.  Take 6 months off, Florida is a school that wont drop off the map because you took a leave of absence.

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