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Joe Mauer’s Millions

Posted by mvetack on March 23, 2010

Joe Mauer is now a very rich man.  Over the weekend Joe Mauer and the Twins finalized a deal that will keep Mauer, the hometown boy, in Minny for the next 8 seasons.  Mauer’s deal, 8 years 184 million, is the fourth largest baseball contract of all time and the largest for a catcher.  Mauer’s young, a multiple gold glover, a three time batting champ, and defending MVP.  Some say that it is too long of a contract for that much money because the catcher will eventually break down and then the Twins will be paying 23 million a year to a DH.  Well, Jorge Posada is just now breaking down at the age of 38, going on 39 in August.  Mauer will be 34 going on 35 in his final year of this contract.  Even if he starts breaking down as a catcher a couple of seasons earlier than Posada, it will be about when his contract is up.

Mauer is an excellent athlete and could switch to half the games at first base if they truly are concerned with him breaking down.  Having an Elite player at catcher for 5-6 more years and then 2 years at first base is probably still worth the contract he has been given.  What the Twins did not want to see was the greatest sports figure since Kirby Puckett, leave town for Boston, or New York and win multiple MVPs on his way to becoming the greatest catcher of all time.

Lets have a little fun now.  Here are a couple of things you could buy with Joe Mauer’s contract…

6,143,572 Joe Mauer Rookie Cards

2,300,287 Rawlings Wooden Bats

3,067,177 Copies of MLB the Show 10 featuring cover boy Joe Mauer

The Minnesota Twins, twice

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