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Florian and Nelson Dominate

Posted by mvetack on April 2, 2010

Roy Nelson, last seasons Ultimate Fighter Champion, took little time to knock out 6′ 11″ Stefan Struve just 39 seconds into round 1.  On the main event, Kenny Florian weakened the former Pride Champ Takanori Gomi with some well placed jabs on his way to setting up the rear naked choke.  Roy Nelson only strengthens his case as being a top Heavy Weight.  Is it too soon to give him a shot at Frank Mir who just moved further away from the title bout after getting rocked by Shane Carwin?

KenFLo on the other hand is in no man’s land.  He has proven to be a top tier guy in the Lightweight division but does not quite have what it takes to take down BJ Penn.  Does Florian continue to challenge Penn, lose, win a couple fights and get at it again?  Or does he leave Penn alone for a bit and take on the next best fighter as a Penn body guard of sorts?

3 Responses to “Florian and Nelson Dominate”

  1. That’s really funny. I’m gonna use this for my Kenny Trivia game post. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. BTW, found you through Zemanta 😀

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