Breath it in

Lopez plays big role in Suns Victory

Posted by mvetack on May 24, 2010

I do not know where or what Batman was up to last night, but I do know where Robin was.  Robin was busy dropping 20 points on Kobe and the Lakers in a 118 to 109 victory.  In a game dominated by missed three pointers, and banged up Suns players,  it was the lesser known Lopez twin Robin that played a key role in beating the Lakers and their size.  Amare stepped up with a monster game recording 42 points, 11 rebounds and one bloodied up face.  Amare saw blood and went after it to make the Western Conference Finals a series again.  Steve Nash and his punching bag face (now has a broken nose) added 17 points and 15 dimes in his best effort of the series.  With Amare playing like the All Star that he is and the little Canadien running the point with a splash of water from the fountain of youth, it is Robin Lopez who holds the key to this series.

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