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You, yea you, can not guard Derrick Rose

Posted by mvetack on August 25, 2010

Derrick Rose is quickly becoming one of the leagues top point guards. Lithuania might think he is the best in the world after he was seen just toying with some of their National Team members in an exhibition.

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Summer + Athletic Kids + Pool = Water basketball Goodness

Posted by mvetack on August 23, 2010

Remember playing NBA Jam or NBA Street? Well these kids bring those video games to life.  Watch as these kids jump from rediculous heights leading to amazing dunks.  Besides the fact that a screw up in judgement of distance could get one of these kids Killed, I would love to see these guys put out some more videos.

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Good, not the best, guys to draft from each NFL team pt. 3

Posted by mvetack on August 19, 2010

Cleveland Browns

Jerome Harrison flirted with his first 1000 yard season coming up just short of 9oo yards.  He has the speed and agility to make a big play at any moment but it does seem that he needs those big plays to get a majority of his yards and scores. He could get you a just a couple points one week and then threaten to lead RBs in points the next week.  Those big weeks will be there the tough part is selecting which weeks those will be.

St. Louis Rams

Donnie Avery is in his third season and that tends to be the breakout season for Wide Receivers (of they are any good anyway).  Donnie has gone up slightly in his first two seasons in both receptions and yards and hopes to continue that trend this season.  With top overall pick Sam Bradford in town, he has got to throw to someone right?  Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce are long gone so Donnie, by default, has to make some plays.  Bradford has a great arm and hes gonna test from time to time.

Dallas Cowboys

Marion Barber was everyones pick to break into the top 4 or 5 running backs in the NFL when Julius Jones left and Barber would be THE guy for the cowboys.  His fantasy value actually fell off when he was the main guy.  Now that Felix Jones appears to be the feature guy in Dallas, Barber’s value should rise again with loading up on TDs and get a lot of late game carries when he is fresh.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Every season Hines Ward gets overlooked.  Hes not flashy, hes not big, hes not super fast.  But he just gets it done.  Few of you reading this (including myself) would realize that Ward caught 96 passes last season for over 1,100 yards and 6 TDs.  Please don’t overlook this guy again.

Denver Broncos

Dez Bryant is getting all the headlines and pub coming into this season but Demaryius Thomas in some scouts eyes was higher on their board then the high profile rookie out of OK state.  Denver’s clear cut number one WR (Marshall) is now in Miami so you know Denver has to have confidence in the Georgia Tech standout Thomas to get rid of a young great WR.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeremy Maclin was looked at as a product of the college game when he was an absolute stud at Missouri.  He proved his critics wrong last season with the Eagles.  In just his first season Maclin went for 55 rec, 762 yds, and 4 TDs.  Andy Reid loves to throw the ball and the Eagles running game is not like it was with Westbrook.  Maclin should only improve upon those numbers and may score more fantasy points then teammate DeSean Jackson who will be selected many rounds ahead of this sleeping Eagle.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, barrying injury, will play his first full 16 game season this year.  in just 10 games last year he threw for over 2,000 yards and 13 TDs.  Simple projection has a full season at about 3,700 yards and 23 TDs.  Not a bad season.  The Lions may not win too many games again, and again, and again.  But their QB may win you some fantasy games as you spend your early round picks getting top ranked RBs and WRs and take a late round pick on Stafford.

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Good, not the best, guys to draft from each NFL team pt. 2

Posted by mvetack on August 16, 2010

Carolina Panthers

Matt Moore is halfway out the door according to the media with the drafting of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen.  Like the great Lee Corso I say, “Not so fast my friend”.  Matt Moore took over as the Panthers quarterback and started for 5 games last year.  All he did was throw for 8 TDs, 2 INTs, and 1,053 yds including two 3 TD games.  Yes Clausen is the known name out of South Bend but Matt Moore will start as QB and unless the Panthers fall apart early, he should be there for the entire 16 games.

Seattle Seahawks

Golden Tate could be this years Percy Harvin.  The smaller receiver with lots of speed and great skills after the catch.  Pete Carrol will certainly find ways to get the ball to the rookie whether it is running the ball, catching the ball, special teams or all of the above.  Golden Tate will definately get his chance to get you fantasy points on a weekly basis.

Chicago Bears

Chester Taylor is the best running back in the NFL that is not a number 1 guy.  He could probably start for 25% of the teams in the league but he remains a great number 2 guy, this year in Chicago.  Last year Matt Forte had a huge sophomore slide and this year they pay Taylor big money to bring him in.  Forte and the Bears offense overall stunk, mostly because of terrible offensive line play.  Forte should still start and get the bulk of the snaps, but Taylor isn’t making big money to ride the pine.

San Francisco 49ers

Michael Crabtree finally ended his hold out and joined the 49ers on Sundays in week 7.  In the 11 games that Crabtree appeared in he went over 50 yards and caught 4 or more passes in 9 of them.  Crabtree should only get better with Alex Smith progressing nicely and having a full year of sitting in training camp instead of out.

Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens picked finally got picked up by the Bengals and will lineup with Ochocinco on Sundays this season.  The Bengals have transformed their style of football into heavy doses of running and smash mouth defense but still have to throw the ball from time to time.  Carson Palmer is a great QB and TO can still play.  Already in preseason Palmer has targeted Owens enough to get any TO owner excited.  With defenders switching on Ochocinco and Owens neither should have a giant season but both should have a productive one.

San Diego Chargers

Ryan Mathews is just a rookie but someone has to replace Tomlinson now that hes a Jet.  And Sproles does not seem to be the every down back that fans were hoping for.

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Good, not the best, guys to draft from each NFL team

Posted by mvetack on August 13, 2010

Arizona Cardinals

Beanie Wells is in his second season removed from running all over the country in the college ranks. His downfield style of running with surprising speed for a bigger back with the combination of having a new QB taking over the team should lead to more chances and big fantasy numbers for the young running back.

Washington Redskins

Santana Moss has been a star fantasy wide out before but has been hit or miss, mostly miss, as of late. With a carousel of quarterbacks and coaches in Washington, Moss has had all kinds of playbooks and QBs to adjust to. The newest set is Shanahan and McNabb. McNabb likes to air it out and can make plays happen and Moss can be his partner in crime in making things happen.

Atlanta Falcons

Jason Snelling picked up the slack for injured RB Michael Turner last season and proved to the team that he is a legit guy to give the ball to. You gotta think even with a healthy Turner, the coaching staff does not want to burn him out or risk injury this year. That only means more carries for Snelling and more fantasy points for you if you pick him.

Tennessee Titans

Kenny Britt’s first NFL season produced 701 yards and 3 TDs. Pretty good numbers for a rookie and should only get better. The Titans were in turmoil last year switching QBs and getting pounded throughout the first half of the season did not help Britt. The second half of the season was all Chris Johnson and force feeding him carries to get to 2000 yards. The passing game was obsolete in the last quarter of the season and hurt Britt’s numbers. A good start for the Titans should help Britt get to 1000 yards in the coming season.

Baltimore Ravens

Anquan Boldin gets to do it on his own this year when he lines up with the Ravens. He was the “second” WR in Arizona only because Larry Fitzgerald lined up on the other side of Warner for a couple of seasons. Boldin’s tough, strong, smash mouth style will mesh well with the Baltimore Ravens.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kellen Winslow had a great season at tight end last year but will get overshadowed in drafts due to the hot rookie pick Arrelious Benn. Winslow put together a full season of games last year and his QB Freeman should only get better with more experience this season.

Buffalo Bills

Don’t forget about Fred Jackson. Even thought they brought in rookie CJ Spiller out of Clemson, Jackson fought off Marshawn Lynch last season to hold on to the running back job and should do the same to Spiller. Jackson broke 1000 yards last year to go along with just under 50 receptions. You may want to try and catch the next Adrian Peterson by picking the unknown in Spiller but go safe and get the sure thing in the little known Jackson.

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S@#T you have to have

Posted by mvetack on August 13, 2010

As the world championships of basketball approaches Nike is trying to get you prepared by putting the face of USA basketball and possibly the NBA on a shirt.  Anything with USA on it is ok by me, add one of my new favorite athletes and a cool graphic and you are golden.  Speaking of golden thats what the man man on the shirt Kevin Durant will be trying to obtain as you wear this shirt in support.

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Simple Fantasy Football Post coming in next day or two

Posted by mvetack on August 11, 2010

I will be getting my beach on all day tomorrow so It could come tomorrow night

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S@#T you have to have

Posted by mvetack on August 4, 2010

Finish Line is selling this amazing T Shirt for Jordan fans wait no, basketball fans alike.  The price is semi steep for a t shirt (32 bucks) but it is well worth it for a shirt with such a memorable photo matched with an excellent phrase Pacman Jones and Ray Allen can both appreciate.  If you are clueless to where this image came from or think it is photoshopped, here is the original photo of a young Jordan in his college dorm room before he blew up as the most famous person in the world.  (The shirt also comes in black)

To purchase…

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One on One basketball

Posted by mvetack on August 4, 2010

1 on 1 basketball games are a rarity.  It usually takes 6 or at least 4 guys at a gym to get a game going.  In 1995 Hakeem Olajuwon and his Houston Rockets swept then Orlando Magic stud Shaq (now a Boston Celtic) and his teammates in the finals.  According to stats and people who remember it ( I was 8 and probably in bed dreaming about what new Ninja Turtle I should ask for ) The Dream dominated Shaq in the series.  Despite being at best out played for four games Shaq left this note for Hakeem in his locker…

Despite who you think is better all time or at that time, this would still be great to see.  Here is a list of intriguing match ups I would love to see played out in today’s NBA and who I would give the edge.

First off the rules are first to 21 win by 2 winners out.  Call your own fouls.  No foul shots just possession.

Russell Westbrook vs Derrick Rose – This could just turn into a dunk contest.  I go with Rose by a hair.  This could be the most exciting match up I can think of.

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant – This is an obvious one everyone would love to see.  The Black Mamba wills his way to a victory in this one despite a definite size disadvantage.  And as for LeBron’s great defense? I think he is a better off the ball defender than he is a one on one defender.  Kobe will just knock down shots all day and do some little things to get it done.

Dwyane Wade vs Kevin Durant – Slashing speed vs height and smooth.  I got Wade in this one as one of Durant’s best advantages in his ability to get to the line will not get him free throws in the one on one game.  Wade will disrupt a lot of Durant’s jumpers and his athleticism will make up for Durant’s 5 inch height advantage.

Carmelo Anthony vs LeBron James – A Battle of top draft picks from the 2003 draft class duke it out in a chess match.  Carmelo’s size helps him in this one along with his smooth jump shot.  I’m going with LeBron on this one as he will find more ways to score against Melo.

Brandon Roy vs Kobe Bryant Kobe wins this one but the match up is made to showcase one of the lesser known great players in the NBA.  Brandon Roy gets beat about 21 – 12 but the world knows that Portland has more than just an injured Gred Oden.

Chris Paul vs Derron Williams – Ask someone who they think the best point guard in the NBA is and chances are it is one of these two western conference studs.  Unless you ask Tommy Heinsohn and he will most definitely say Rondo.  This would be quite the battle with Chris Paul putting on quite a show.  In the end Derron wins a close one with a simple game plan of posting up Paul and draining the occasional long ball.

Pau Gasol vs Dwight Howard – Dwight Howard is the funniest and possibly most entertaining NBA player behind Steve Nash but Gasol will sweep the floor with Dwight in this one.  Gasol has too many moves and a good midrange shot that Dwight does not have.  Gasol can get on a streak and keep possession a lot easier than Dwight will be able to.  I go 21 to 9 Pau.

Ron Artest vs Ron Artest – He is the only guy that could pull this off.  I got Ron Ron 37-37.  A fight will ensue and end the game early.

Ray Allen vs Paul Pierce – Two ultimate competitors with one (Paul) trying to prove once again he is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history by beating one of the actual best shooters in NBA history.  If Ray Allen is anywhere near his normal game than Ray could win this by double figures draining three after three.  Pierce will likely get “hurt” at some point and make a valiant return to make a late charge and lose 21 -15.

Tim Duncan vs Healthy Yao Ming – Duncan is getting up their in age but he still has the fundamentals he learned in grade school to beat the forgotten Rocket star.  This will be a loooong game with Yao playing some good D on timmy but ultimately Duncan is champ again.

Vince Carter vs Chris Bosh – This game will be played at the end of the season in Toronto.  Vince wins 5 – 2.

Amare Stoudemire  vs Dirkus Circus – Dirk doesnt play great D but his outside game will give Amare fits.  Amare will have a big advantage attacking in the paint.  Whoever starts with the ball wins this one.  Dirk dominates the outside game and Amare dominates the inside game.  Dirk makes the do or die shot to start so Dirk wins this defenseless game 21-0.

I have definitely missed some great one on ones and may add to this later.  Who would you want to see play one on one right now? Am I completely wrong with who wins these games?

thanks to Ball Don’t Lie and Sports Illustrated for info/reference

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Hows your Shark Week going?

Posted by mvetack on August 3, 2010

Its impossible not to know but in case you just woke up from a coma it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  For some reason people go nuts for Shark Week every year.  Besides the fact that he looks just like a shark and it is indeed a week devoted to sharks, Lackey disappointed his shark friends this week in his outing vs the Indians.  His line… 5.1 IP – 9 H – 6 R – 6 ER – 5 BB – 7 K – Loss.  Meanwhile I have been enjoying Shark Week from time to time but the only drawback is I am trying to get back to the beach (little over an hour drive) to get some surfing in.  As I am posting this I am watching shark attack after shark attack on surfers.

Enjoy Shark Week!

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