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Good, not the best, guys to draft from each NFL team

Posted by mvetack on August 13, 2010

Arizona Cardinals

Beanie Wells is in his second season removed from running all over the country in the college ranks. His downfield style of running with surprising speed for a bigger back with the combination of having a new QB taking over the team should lead to more chances and big fantasy numbers for the young running back.

Washington Redskins

Santana Moss has been a star fantasy wide out before but has been hit or miss, mostly miss, as of late. With a carousel of quarterbacks and coaches in Washington, Moss has had all kinds of playbooks and QBs to adjust to. The newest set is Shanahan and McNabb. McNabb likes to air it out and can make plays happen and Moss can be his partner in crime in making things happen.

Atlanta Falcons

Jason Snelling picked up the slack for injured RB Michael Turner last season and proved to the team that he is a legit guy to give the ball to. You gotta think even with a healthy Turner, the coaching staff does not want to burn him out or risk injury this year. That only means more carries for Snelling and more fantasy points for you if you pick him.

Tennessee Titans

Kenny Britt’s first NFL season produced 701 yards and 3 TDs. Pretty good numbers for a rookie and should only get better. The Titans were in turmoil last year switching QBs and getting pounded throughout the first half of the season did not help Britt. The second half of the season was all Chris Johnson and force feeding him carries to get to 2000 yards. The passing game was obsolete in the last quarter of the season and hurt Britt’s numbers. A good start for the Titans should help Britt get to 1000 yards in the coming season.

Baltimore Ravens

Anquan Boldin gets to do it on his own this year when he lines up with the Ravens. He was the “second” WR in Arizona only because Larry Fitzgerald lined up on the other side of Warner for a couple of seasons. Boldin’s tough, strong, smash mouth style will mesh well with the Baltimore Ravens.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kellen Winslow had a great season at tight end last year but will get overshadowed in drafts due to the hot rookie pick Arrelious Benn. Winslow put together a full season of games last year and his QB Freeman should only get better with more experience this season.

Buffalo Bills

Don’t forget about Fred Jackson. Even thought they brought in rookie CJ Spiller out of Clemson, Jackson fought off Marshawn Lynch last season to hold on to the running back job and should do the same to Spiller. Jackson broke 1000 yards last year to go along with just under 50 receptions. You may want to try and catch the next Adrian Peterson by picking the unknown in Spiller but go safe and get the sure thing in the little known Jackson.

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