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A Guide to Pick up Basketball: 4 part series

Posted by mvetack on October 7, 2010

Part 1 – Official Pick up rules

1. Games must be played with an even amount of people.  Exception, if LeBron, Kobe, and Durant show up you can go 4 on 3.

2.  1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3 are played half court.

3.  4 on 4 and 5 on 5 are played full court.

4.  Winners out for half court games.

4.  First game of the day teams are decided by shooting for them.

5.  If you have exactly 4, 8, or 10 its the first 2, 4, or 5 to make a free throw that are on a team. aka first 5.

6.  If there are too many people or an odd number,  shooting for teams will be done by every other.

7.  If you are the first one to make a shot, you are the rebounder/passer until the teams are made.

8.  If you make your shot and are not first, you can go get a drink, check your phone, or any other quick activity you desire.

9.  If you run full court (4 on4 or 5 on 5) one team goes skins. (pending weather)

10.  A do or die three pointer is shot by one person on either team for ball.

11.  If the guy shooting for ball misses, it is expected that his teammates rag on him the first possession down the court.

12.  The ball is not shot for if one team volunteers to be skins.  The team volunteering for skins automatically gets ball to start.

13.  The fat and hairy guy is always skins.

14.  The team not starting with ball (shirts or the dudes team that missed the shot) gets to choose what basket they shoot on.

15.  Games are to be played to 15 win by 2 straight to 21.

16.  1’s and 2’s

17.  Offense calls fouls, anything obvious will be called by everyone playing anyway.

18.  Charges are not purposely taken.

18.  Do not call too many fouls, no one will want to play with you and probably foul you even harder next time.

19.  1 on 0 fast breaks where no one gets back result on just checking the ball up after the layup/dunk is made.

20.  All out of bounds, fouls, or any other stoppage in play is started up again by checking it in.

21.  After checking it in, one pass must be made.

22.  Saying “ball in” after checking is not necessary but is encouraged.

23.  No foul shots, always check it up.

24.  When the opposing team is within a two from winning the game it is mandatory to yell out “NO TWOS” as the opponent dribbles towards your end.

25.  When the opposing team is at game point it is also mandatory to foul hard on any easy lay up attempt.

26.  If no one is waiting to play on the sidelines after a game is over, calling out “run it back” is always accepted.

27.  If there is enough guys on the sideline to make a full team waiting, they get to take on the winners of the previous game.

28.  Winners always stay on, get ball, and pick the hoop they shoot on.

29.  If for example in a 5 on5 game there are two guys waiting to play, they are automatically on while the losing 5 guys shoot for the other three spots that will join them.  If the first three guys make their shots, the other two shooting to make the team can still match.  If more than required made shots then you shoot again.

30.  If two or more guys keep matching each other from the foul line while shooting for teams, move it back to the three point line.

31.  When you decide to stop playing for the day it is mandatory to sit around for the next game as you slowly untie your bball shoes and put on your street shoes.

32.  Win, lose, kill it, or suck always come back for more the next day.

2 Responses to “A Guide to Pick up Basketball: 4 part series”

  1. brouhahasports said

    The “fat and hairy guys” rule is great. No rules about old guys who want to run? You know, that 50 year old guy, six foot five, and does nothing but shoot 15 footers.

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