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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on January 21, 2010

Ronnie Lott

Ronnie Lott is one of the best athletes to ever play the game of football. In USC it was only the great Marcus Allen that prevented Lott from starting at running back at USC. Lott came into the NFL and made his presence known immediately. He was a force on defense for a very successful 49ers team. But what you ask separates him from any other incredible and tough defensive player that makes him this weeks Bad Ass? Well put your bowl of cheerios down for a minute and enjoy.

Ronnie Lott and the Niners were taking on rival Dallas in their last regular season game before the playoffs. While making a tackle during the game, Lott’s finger got stuck, twisted, and hit in a freak way that it crushed the bone in his pinky finger. After the game, the team doctor informed Lott that in order for his finger to heal properly he would need immediate surgery that would prevent him from playing in the playoffs. Lott had none of this. He played in the playoffs with a lot of pain and a crushed bone floating around in his finger. The Niners lost the game and Lott lost his finger. Lott re-injured his finger many times throughout the game and was then forced to have part of his finger amputated.

Let me repeat this, the man played football with a crushed bone knowing he would have to amputate it so he could play in the playoffs. Again, the man had his finger amputated for a football game!!! This ultimate symbol of toughness, competitiveness, and unwillingness to quit on his team makes you Ronnie Lott, Bad Ass.

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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on January 14, 2010

Red Bull Crashed Ice Athletes

These guys are fricken nuts. They speed down a track of pure ice as wide as the back road you take back home to avoid traffic. Included on this track are hockey style boards, sharp turns, and even jumps. These athletes race down this track bumping each other the whole way down. This is easily the most bad ass form of racing I have ever seen. This must be in the 2014 Olympics so the rest of the world will know that Red Bull Crashed Ice is in fact, BAD ASS!

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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on January 8, 2010

Helmet less Players

Losing your helmet should be a cause for concern. A player’s helmet is perhaps the most important piece of equipment they put on each and everyday. The helmet protects the player from serious injury and perhaps embarrassment if they have an ugly mug. In certain situations a helmet does come flying off and the player at this moment has two choices.

A. Slow down during the play, get out of harms way, and grab your helmet. This is understandable. Football, hockey, or whatever sport you are playing with a helmet (Note: any extreme sports athletes who regularly compete without a helmet are just dumb asses not bad asses) does not last forever and you just might need those brain cells for something later in life.
B. Completely ignore the fact that a piece of your armor just fell off and get even angrier in attempt to chase down the ball carrier, gain control of the puck, or even score a touchdown.

If you are a bad ass, many of you are not, you will choose B. Watching a long greasy haired linebacker chase down a running back and make a blistering hit on him without a helmet, get up and yell at the top of his lungs without a face mask to hide his expression is simply glorious. For all you crazy athletes who play on, helmet or no helmet, we salute you because you sir, are Bad Ass!

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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on December 17, 2009

Mickey O’Neil

Rocky Balboa, Clubber Lang, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Anderson Silva. Just about everyone knows all of these great fighters, but what they don’t know is that one single man could easily beat each and everyone of them with the greatest of ease.  That man is Mickey O’neil.  Mickey may not sound like the smartest person or come across as the strongest guy, but he drops the largest and toughest of foes like a sack of potatoes with one single punch.  Mickey’s fists are like the Golden Gun in the classic Golden Eye game.  One shot kills.
This act alone qualifies Mickey as a Bad Ass, but its the way he handles himself outside of the ring, backyard, or gypsy town that really catches your attention.  Mickey could take his talent public and become the greatest and probably richest fighter of all time but he insists on living in the same small trailer park gypsy town to care for his long time friends and mother.  He doesn’t want to fight but will in circumstances that mean helping out someone who needs it. O’neil walks around with “little boy” and “fat boy” at the end of his wrists, but his target isn’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is 7 foot 300 pound bohemiaths.

Pick up a copy of Snatch today and you will agree that Mickey O’neil is in fact a Bad Ass.  Heres to you Mickey, we may not always understand your gibberish talk but what we do understand is you are Bad Ass!

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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on December 3, 2009

Randy Johnson’s Fastsball

Many pitchers have had intimidating fastballs but none have had a bad ass fastball like Randy Johnson. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s Johnson was perhaps the most intimidating lefty in the game. His sidearm delivery and nearly 100 mph fastball transformed the toughest of men into little school girls when they stood between the chalk in the batter’s box. The two moments that define his fastball as bad ass are as follows.

1997 All Star Game

In the 1997 All Star game, Randy Johnson sailed one of his signature fastballs over the head of left handed batter Larry Walker. Walker, feeling unsafe on the same side of the plate that Randy’s ammunition was coming from, switched to the right side of the plate and turned his helmet backward in order to properly protect himself from the bad assness of Randy Johnson’s fastball.

Bird bean ball

In March of 2001, Randy Johnson’s fastball officially took on the honor of becoming bad ass. In the 7th inning Johnson hurled a fastball towards the plate but it would not reach its destination. That is because a Dove, the symbol of peace, flew across the plate and collided with the fastball. The bird seemed to explode with feathers falling like fireworks all over home plate and the batter’s box. That is correct, Randy Johnson’s fastball straight up killed a bird and a bird of peace no less. If this event doesn’t sweat Bad Ass than I am not sure anything does.

Randy Johnson’s Fastball, you are officially BAD ASS

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Thursday’s Weekly Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on November 19, 2009

Pete Dunham

School teacher, devout West Ham fan, loving uncle, Bad Ass. Pete Dunham is this weeks Bad Ass. Pete grew up competing on the soccer pitch, but eventually his competition took place on the mean streets of England as a Soccer Hooligan. Pete Dunham was the leader of the Green Street Elite in the movie Green Street Hooligans (highly recommend this one). What made Dunham stand out as a Bad Ass hooligan was his swagger and confidence. It also helps when your go to move is the head butt. If you remember Scuttlebutt loves the head butt.

Pete Dunham’s most bad ass moment was when he put himself in the face of danger to save his sister and law and her child. In a street brawl that could have ended in in the standard way of bruises, broken bones, and cuts rather than death, Pete put his life on the line. The “bad guy” and rival soccer firm (hooligan) leader started to make a move during the fight to capture and kill Pete’s sister and law, Pete called him out and used some of these %#@%$. Enough to get him hotter than George Brett in the pine tar game. The man’s anger overcame him and caused him to take it out on Peter. He proceeded to beat the living &#$%@ out of Pete in the face, the sister was able to get away, and live her life violence free. Pete would die there on the ground smiling and laughing the whole time. This is by far one of the most bad ass deaths I have ever seen and ever will see. It was this moment I knew that you Pete Dunham, are a Bad Ass.

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Today’s Scuttlebutt

Posted by mvetack on November 13, 2009

  • Stat Line of the night
  • Last Nights Nugget
  • Thursday’s weekly Bad Ass
  • Pick of the night
  • Quote of the Day

Stat Line of the Night

Danny Granger – Pacers

31 pts 16 reb 3 ast 1 stl 2 blkW 108 – 94 vs Warriors

Last Night’s Nugget

Semyon Varlamovelous

Last night in the nation’s capital on Veteran’s Day, Semyon Varlamov ended a great game with a great performance. A game that featured a goal that most people probably missed while grabbing their funyons and LaBatt Blues as the Caps scored just 8 seconds into the first period. Less than an Elway later, the Islanders took a 3 – 1 lead. The game eventually went to overtime where it remained tied. Because Bud Selig doesn’t have any say in the NHL, they went to a shootout to determine the games ultimate winner in a game that no one seemed to want to win.

Overtime is where Varlamov shined. The shootout went 8 skaters more than planned as it was settled in 11 rounds. A soccer team would have been down to its goalies going one on one with this many shooters. Varlamov outperformed Roloson of the Islanders in saving 10 out of 11 breakaway chances in the shootout.

This got me thinking of how hated the NFL overtime rules are by the general population. I know most people would like to see a college type overtime to decide the winner, but what about some sort of shoot out in the NFL. Here is my proposal. 5 on 5 from the 15 yard line and three chances for both offenses. The offense fields QB, 2 lineman minimum. They can then use the rest of the players as RB, WRs, or more lineman. One play per chance three chances per “Shoot Out” If still tied after three, then its sudden death just like the NHL.

Thursday’s Weekly Bad Ass

Zinidine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane, a retired Legend of soccer or “futbol“, playing for the French National Team in the World Cup in his final national team game, pulled one of the most bad ass moves of all time. The Headbutt. The headbutt is the ultimate weapon of choice in a fight. Risking the health of perhaps the most important parts of the body, guys know of another particular body part that may compare, to do damage upon a rival. In the closing minutes of regulation, Zidane, a former world player of the year, busted out the headbutt on opposing Italian futboler Marco Materrezi in plane view of referees, players, fans, and the millions evenbillions of people watching world wide.
Zidane had a marvelous and hall of fame caliber career but might be best remembered for his Bad Assness that he truly represents. I will remember Zidane as a great soccer player but more importantly as a Bad Ass Soccer player.

Pick of The Night

Last night I got off to a bad start picking the Twolves +8 over the Blazers. Portland went on to cover the spread and some. Portland won 107 – 84. For tonight…

Chicago Bears +3.5 AT San Francisco 49ers

Tonight we get a treat, pending you have NFL network, and get a Thursday night football game that does not coincide with a day meant for turkey eating. Tonight Da Bears face off against one of the greatest Bears, Singletary, and his 49ers. Both teams had high expectations to start the season but have sputtered as of late. I was really expecting the Bears to give up points this week so I am ecstatic in taking Cutler and his Bears with points tonight. If the Niners pull off the victory I see it by only a field goal and the Bears still getting the win with the .5

Bears over 49ers – current Scuttlebutt record – (0-1)

Quote of the Day

The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching

Dennis Green

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