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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on January 6, 2010

Athletic and Skilled Big Men

Most big men are just that, big. There is not much to them. They were gifted with incredible size and the logical choice of a career, besides volleyball, is basketball. They acquire a two foot shot and simple post moves and for the next 10-15 years they will make about 50 times more than you make in your life. But every now and then a big man seperates himself from the usually clumsy big man.

These big men play the game like they are 6 foot 6 instead of 7 feet. In the case of Dirk Nowitzki they are more comfortable shooting threes than backing you down. A man like Dwight Howard flys through the air like Jordan but has the height of Shaq and the body built like a boxer. Little is more fun than watching a guy that has to duck when he walks into most homes do things that most NBA players can not do. So we thank you athletic big man, for your amazing skills and always surprising athleticism is one more reason why we love sports.

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