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Moment of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 22, 2010

Lebron having some fun
In front of a packed arena in his home town, Lebron was just about done finishing off the Lakers for the second time this season. The game that was built up all day on ESPN was almost over. The Cavs had possession with a slim lead with about 30 seconds to play. Out of the timeout the Arena Music was still playing and the camera, like it almost always is, was on James. What we then saw was a guy enjoying what he does for a living. People criticize Lebron for dancing around on the bench and in timeouts and not respecting the game. What people have to realize is the guy is playing a game for a living, and making some serious cash doing so. Why wouldn’t you have fun with it. It is refreshing seeing a guy with tons of talent look like hes actually enjoying himself for once.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 21, 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers -3.5 vs L.A. Lakers

What a game on the slate tonight. Kobe vs Lebron square off as their puppets sit back at home to enjoy the show. Cleveland dominated the Christmas Day matchup so you know the Lake show will be looking to even the score tonight. The Lakers are healthy ish again and want to make a statement. Lebron, at this point in his career, seems more like a showman than a guy who will do anything to win a championship. Lebron may put on a show tonight but it will be the Lakers who will come out on top.

Lakers over Cavs – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-17)
Last pick, Mavericks -4.5 over Wizards, resulted in a Loss with the Mavericks not beating the spread winning by just one point, 94-93.

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Moment of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 15, 2010

NBDL Call up wins it for the Jazz

Recent NBDL call up Sundiata Gaines played some valuable minutes at the point for the Jazz after Deron Williams went down with a wrist injury. After Lebron seemed to steal one from the Jazz on the road scoring 18 in the final minutes to build a 6 point lead with less than a minute to go, first Korver hit a fall away over the backboard and then Gaines pulled off some of his own magic hitting a three over Anthony Parker to give the Jazz a one point victory.

Welcome to the NBA kid!

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