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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on December 17, 2009

Clumsy Big Men

Big men in basketball amaze me.  These guys, as basketball players, grew up their whole lives with a basketball in their hands.  Playing AAU ball, on high school teams, and in the driveway with siblings, yet when they are in college and the NBA they suddenly lose all skill in handling a basketball.  Dribbling, passing, and just generally holding on to a basketball are the basic bare bones skills it takes to play basketball at a grade school level.  That is why it is so entertaining, and yes sometimes frustrating, to  watch a big man with the ball in his hands NOT within five feet of the basket.

Its those times where the big bumbling center has to help  break a press and catches the ball at mid court.  Suddenly his feet have turned to cement and his brain goes hits the snooze button.  90% of the time he will travel on his first step, usually not called especially in the NBA, then he precedes to what some would call walk/run down court.  His legs are now similar to that of a chicken and his face has the expression of a six year old who is hiding his newly soiled pants.

Watching a clumsy big man on the court makes us, the average fan, feel better about our own skills at the same time bringing a large smile to our face.  Clumsy big man we thank you, for you are another reason why we love sports. 

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