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Reaction to last night

Posted by mvetack on November 12, 2009

Bulls beat by buzzer

Trailing by one with 0.3 seconds left in Tuesday night’s game in Chicago, Brad Miller thought he had hit the game winning shot in an upset win against the Denver Nuggets. After ten minutes of looking at replay after replay the officials decided that the basket, originally credited as good, was in his hand as the clock struck 0.00. The call was so close I still dont know who actually won that game. My opinion can be wrapped up by the legendary Rasheed Wallace, “the ball don’t lie”.

Although the baseball season is over, this instant replay brought up another discussion. Should instant replay be utilized in baseball more than it currently is? The topic will not even be up for a vote this off-season as the man who likes to kiss his sister, Bud “ties are ok” Selig, sees no reason for a vote. For some reason Major League Baseball sees instant replay equal to Pete Rose, they don’t want either one in their league or associated with them.

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