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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 19, 2010

Indiana Pacers +6.5 at Miami Heat

I love Dwyane Wade and watching the heat play, that is when they play well. The Heat look like a top 5 team for stretches but then other stretches they turn into the Miami Wade as he is the only one playing well. Tonight the Pacers will want this one more and will play with some fire behind former Notre Dame star Troy Murphy. With 6.5 points the Pacers take this one down in Miami.

Pacers over Heat – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-15)

Last pick, Cardinals +7 over Saints, resulted in a Loss with the Saints trouncing the Cardinals 45-14.

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Stat Line of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 14, 2010

Too ridiculous of a night in the NBA for there to only be one guy. So today it will be presented in list form. Enjoy.

Al Jefferson 26 pts 26 reb 1 ast 1 stl 1 blk – L 114-120 vs Rockets

Samuel Dalembert12 pts 21 reb 1 ast 1 stl 1 blk – L 92-93 vs Knicks

DeJuan Blair 28 pts 21 reb 2 stl 2 blk – W 109-108 vs Thunder

Antawn Jamison 25 pts 19 reb 3 ast 1 stl – L 82-94 vs Hawks

Chuck Hayes10 pts 17 reb 6 ast 4 stl 2 blk – W 120-114 vs Timberwolves

Russell Westbrook25 pts 13 ast 6 reb – L 108-109 vs Spurs

Aaron Brooks 59 minutes 43 pts 5 ast 3 reb 1 stl 6 3pm – W 120-114 vs Timberwolves

Dwyane Wade35 pts 9 ast 7 reb 3 stl – W 115-102 vs Warriors

Dirk Nowitzki30 pts 16 reb 2 ast – L 95-100 vs Lakers

Shane Battier15 pts 12 reb 3 ast 2 stl 5 blk – W 120-114 vs Timberwolves

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Stat Lines of the Weekend

Posted by mvetack on January 12, 2010

Kurt Warner

29/33379 yds 5 TDs 154.1 rat – W 51-45 vs Packers

Shonn Greene – Jets

21 car 135 yds 6.4 avg 1 TD – W 24-14 vs Bengals
Aaron Rodgers – Packers

28/42 442 yds 4 TDs 1 INT 121.3 rat – L 45-51 vs Cardinals

Ray Rice – Ravens

22 car 159 yrds 7.2 avg 2 TDs – W 33-14 vs Patriots

Cedric Benson – Bengals

21 car 169 yrds 8.0 avg 1 TD – L 14-24 vs Jets

Rajon Rondo – Celtics

22 pts 10 reb 13 ast 4 stl +4 p/m – W 114-107 vs Raptors

Dwyane Wade – Heat

33 pts 9 reb 8 ast 3 stl +13 p/m – W 109-105 vs Suns

Lebron James – Cavaliers

41 pts 10 reb 8 ast +16 plus/minus – W 106-94 vs Blazers

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Stat Lines of the Weekend

Posted by mvetack on December 7, 2009

Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

12 tackles 10 solo 4 sacks – L 12-13 vs Texas

Mardy Gilyard – Cincinnati

5 rec 118 yrds 1 TD 7 Kick returns 256 yrds 36.6 avg 99 long 1 TD – W 45-44 vs Pittsburgh

Dwyane Wade – Heat

34 pts 10 ast 5 reb 4 blk 1 stl – W 115-102 vs Kings
Jason Witten – Cowboys

14 rec 146 yrds – L 24-31 vs Giants
CJ Spiller – Clemson

20 car 233 yrds 4 TDs – L 34-39 vs Georgia Tech

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Monday Bullets

Posted by mvetack on November 16, 2009

  • Maurice Jones Drew kills fantasy owners nation wide when he takes a knee at the one yard line to help his team run out the clock for a victory over the jets.
  • Double Nickel,Brandon Jennings goes for 55 against the Golden State Warriors including 29 in the third quarter alone.
  • Bill Belichick’s gamble on 4th down helps Manning and the Colts finish off come back victory over the Patriots.
  • Dwyane Wade hits game winning three pointer against the Nets Saturday night.
  • Stanford rolls through another top ten Pac 10 team beating USC 55 to 21.
  • Titans owner Bud Adams shows the Bills what he thinks of their team in the Titans 3rd straight victory on Sunday.
  • Manny Pacquiao beats Miguel Cotto in a 12th round TKO setting up a much wanted fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather.
  • The ageless Randy Couture gets unanimous decision victory over Brandon Vera on Spike TV in Manchester England.

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Monday’s REAL Top 5s

Posted by mvetack on November 16, 2009

NFL Teams
Colts (9-0)
Vikings (8-1)
Saints (9-0)
Bengals (7-2)
Patriots (6-3)

College Football Teams
Texas (10-0)
Alabama (10-0)
Florida (10-0)
TCU (10-0)
Cincinnati (10-0)

NBA Teams
Suns (9-2)
Hawks (8-2)
Blazers (8-3)
Nuggets (7-3)
Heat (7-2)

NHL Teams
Sharks (14-4-4)
Devils (14-4)
Flames (12-4-2)
Capitals (12-4-4)
Avalanche (12-5-3)

This Weeks Special – Top 5 NBA Players Right Now

Steve Nash – PG – Suns

Suns Point guard and famous Canadian, is taking over the league similar to his back to back MVP seasons from years ago. His Suns are currently 9 – 2 with wins over both the Heat and the Celtics in their buildings. Nash is leading the league in assists by almost 2 full assists per game than next best guy (Derron Williams).
Lebron James – SF – Cavaliers

The chosen one, King James, Akron Hammer, whatever you want to call him just make sure you call him good. Averaging 27 – 7 – 7 on a team that is starting to get on a roll would be the easy pick for number one if it wasn’t for Steve Nash’s resurgence (did he ever really go away?). Lebron’s outside jumper has improved from last year and so has is ability to handle the “where will you be next year ” question he hears anytime theres a Mic in his face.
Dwyane Wade – SG – Heat
Dwyane Wade’s Heat are a top NBA team despite having a supporting cast equivalent of The Hills. Wade and his Heat do so much more with less than any other successful team in the NBA. Hitting a game winning three pointer against the Nets Saturday night certainly doesn’t hurt your ranking either.
Carmelo Anthony – SF – Nuggets

Carmelo Anthony, the third member on this list from the 2003 draft class, just might be the best scorer in the NBA today. Carmelo’s Nuggets, the surprise team in the western conference finals a year ago, are looking better than ever. Carmelo is playing like an MVP and not even Kobe’s Lakers could slow him and his team down. Melo has yet to drop below 20 points in a game this year and continues to be beastly on the boards.

Kevin Durant – SG/SF – Thunder

Kevin Durant is quickly emerging as one of our leagues elite players. The debate two drafts ago of Durant or Oden is looking more one sided than than a Muhamma Ali Dustin Diamond fight. Durant is making believers out of doubters and creating more room on the Thunder bandwagon every night. Durant can get at it on the boards just about as good as he can score, NBA Jam players watch in awe as he lights it up on a whim.

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Stat Line of the Night

Posted by mvetack on November 12, 2009

Dwyane Wade – Heat
41 pts 5 reb 5 ast 3 stl 1 blk – W 90 – 76 vs Wizards

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