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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on December 17, 2009

Mickey O’Neil

Rocky Balboa, Clubber Lang, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Anderson Silva. Just about everyone knows all of these great fighters, but what they don’t know is that one single man could easily beat each and everyone of them with the greatest of ease.  That man is Mickey O’neil.  Mickey may not sound like the smartest person or come across as the strongest guy, but he drops the largest and toughest of foes like a sack of potatoes with one single punch.  Mickey’s fists are like the Golden Gun in the classic Golden Eye game.  One shot kills.
This act alone qualifies Mickey as a Bad Ass, but its the way he handles himself outside of the ring, backyard, or gypsy town that really catches your attention.  Mickey could take his talent public and become the greatest and probably richest fighter of all time but he insists on living in the same small trailer park gypsy town to care for his long time friends and mother.  He doesn’t want to fight but will in circumstances that mean helping out someone who needs it. O’neil walks around with “little boy” and “fat boy” at the end of his wrists, but his target isn’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is 7 foot 300 pound bohemiaths.

Pick up a copy of Snatch today and you will agree that Mickey O’neil is in fact a Bad Ass.  Heres to you Mickey, we may not always understand your gibberish talk but what we do understand is you are Bad Ass!

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