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Playoff Preview – Jets vs Bengals

Posted by mvetack on January 6, 2010

New York Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals – Saturday at 4:30


Mark Sanchez started off his rookie campaign in spectacular fashion. In only his second game Mark Sanchez helped lead his Jets to a 16-9 victory over the power house rival Patriots. Sanchez went 14/22 for 163 yards and 1 TD. Ever since that game, besides a couple more high notes, Sanchez statistics have looked more like the rookie he is than the aberration at the start of the season. Because of their top ranked defense and running game, Sanchez has been asked to now just not make many mistakes and manage the game. That is what he has done for the most part to bring them into the playoffs (they better have sent the Colts a thank you card).
Carson Palmer has also been aided by a great running game and good defense. The difference between Sanchez and Palmer is that Palmer can shoulder the load for a game or two or a season. He has the talent but has not had to use it with the way they control the clock with running the ball and playing good defense. His stats have not been his best (3000 yards and just 21 TDs) but hes has been both consistent and huge in the clutch. Palmer has thrown a game winning or tying TD with less than 2 minutes to play against the Steelers, browns, Ravens, and Chiefs.

Palmer’s consistency and ability to get it done when the game is on the line gives the Bengals a big edge in the Quarterback battle.

Running Backs

Thomas Jones might be the least respected running back in the NFL. Thomas has rushed for over 1,000 yards for five straight years now and over 1,200 4 of those five years. Jones ran for 1,402 with 14 TDs this season. Jones is a tough back that can hit the big play at any second. He doesn’t have blazing speed but he also doesn’t lose any speed as the game goes on.
Cedric Benson, Larry Johnson, Bernard Scott have now become a three headed monster. Well not quite. They have three high quality running backs, it wasnt too long ago that Larry Johnson was flirting with 2,000 yard seasons, and can switch them in and out at ease. But that is not what they usually do. The Bengals try to find one main guy for the game, usually Cedric Benson, and compliment him with Larry and Bernard. The three all have starting running skills and some say Bernard Scott could soon be a Chris Johnson like back.

The depth and versatility of the Bengals three backs give a slight edge to the Bengals. Sorry Jones, prove me wrong like you have been proving to everyone this season.

Wide Recievers

Jericho Cotchery and Braylan Edwards are decent but not game changing wide receivers. Braylon Edwards was great at Michigan and had an amazing year in Cleveland but its been too long since then to call him a great WR. He is a good WR with below par hands with play making ability. Jericho Cotchery is more of a number one guy than Braylan. he has good hands, good speed, and is a favorite target of Sanchez
Chad Ochocinco and Andre Caldwell make up a pretty good receiving duo. Ochocinco is one of the best route runners in the league. A couple of seasons ago he was considered a top 5 WR and should still be atleast in the top 10 now. Caldwell his a great possession guy who is great at finding the weak spot in the opposing defenses zones.

The overall skill and entertainment level of the Bengals give them an easy win in terms of wide receivers.

Offensive Line

The Jets offensive line is an above average pass blocking line in protecting their young rookie quarterback and a fantastic run blocking line. The Jets lead the NFL in total rushing yards with 2,756 yards and the 7th best yards per carry with 4.5.
The Bengals offensive line is simply average pass blocking. They protect Palmer decently for him being an immobile quarterback. The Bengals have surprised everyone with a great running game on a team that historically has succeeded through the air.

This toss up is not really close with the Jets dominate running game and above average pass blocking.


The Jets defense is dominant. They allow the fewest points per game (14.8) and yards per game (252.3) in the NFL. In just his third season Darrelle Revis has become the best shut down corner in the league. Revis has shut down the likes of Ochocinco, Colston, Moss, and many others.

The Bengals defense could be the most improved defense in the league and is now the strong point of their team. With the offense overall average, the defense has carried them to a playoff birth.

The Jets win this match up with ease. Revis and the rest of the Jets are the best defense in the league let alone this game.

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