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Top 5 Ballers in the NBA right NOW – round 2

Posted by mvetack on February 1, 2010

Earlier in the season (Nov 16th to be exact) I took a look at the five best players in the NBA at that time in the season.  They were…  Steve Nash, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant.
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Now for February  2nd edition

Kevin Durant aka Stretch

Kevin Durant right now is the best player in the NBA.  His scoring efficiency has been straight up ridiculous and his team is winning games.  Durant has his ppg up to just a hair under 30 a game and for the month of January shot nearly 60 percent from the field including 58 percent from beyond the arc.  Durant is making the best out of everyone of his shots and has his Thunder in the thick of the playoff race.  Stretch can not be stopped at this point in the season and is making a run at an MVP if he can keep it up.

Lebron James aka Prince James

Lebron has been putting up such insane stats at such a consistent level that people are beginning to expect it and not be as amazed anymore.  Over his last five games James has put up 12, 4, 11, 13, and 11 assists to go with 37, 32, 12, 22, and 32 points.  Last game against the Clippers he exploded for 24 in the first quarter and breezed the rest of the way to an easy victory.   The Cavs are first in the East by 5.5 games and own the best record in the NBA.  Lebron is playing at the top of his game and it is resulting in a lot of Ws.

Gerald Wallace

This guy is one of the most underated guys in the NBA and is finally starting to get some cred.  He was chosen to compete in the Dunk contest and soon after was selected to his first All-Star Game.  Gerald is leading the Bobcats to a surprisingly good season.  As it sits right now, the Bobcats are the 6th seed in the East and would give anyone a run for their money in the first round.  Wallace is a huge reason why.  The guy is averaging nearly 20 points and 11 boards on the year and is only getting better.  Wallace has recorded 3 straight double doubles including a 30 and a 38 point game.  Crashing the boards and great defense from Wallace has been the key to the turn around in Charlotte this season. ( Larry Brown doesn’t hurt either).

Dwight Howard aka Superman

Dwight Howard’s Magic have not been the dominate team we all expected to see at the onset of the season.  Health issues and a lack of chemistry seem to be the main problems for most of the season.  Dwight is making sure that any loss Orlando suffers does not fall on his shoulders.  He is playing above his averages and doing it night in and night out as of late.  Over his last 8 games Dwight is averaging 22.3 points ( 5 over his avg ), 14.6 rebounds ( just over 1 more than his average ) and 3.8 blocks per game ( 1.2 more than his average ).  Over this 8 game stretch the Magic have gone 6-2 including wins over the Celtics, Hawks, and Bobcats and their two losses were in LA ( Lakers ) and in Memphis.  The Magic are getting in a groove and so is Superman.

Kobe Bryant aka the Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is playing great basketball this season and especially right now.  Two nights ago in Boston Kobe hit a game winner with Ray Allen in his eye, grill, salad, sauce,  ( basically what I’m saying is he was covered ) after struggling to find his shot for most of the game.  Then the next night he goes out and drops 44 on the the Grizz to knock off the Logo ( Jerry West ) as the all time Lakers scorer.  If thats not enough proof that Kobe is a top 5 guy in the league right now Kobe is upping his all around game with over 5 assists in 6 of his last 9 games and a dominate game against the Raptors where he dropped 27 points, pulled in 16 boards, and dished 9 dimes.  Kobe’s game is somehow still evolving right before the worlds eyes.

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NBA Nicknames

Posted by mvetack on January 29, 2010

Creating solid nicknames seems to be a lost art with the aliases that NBA players have today. The latest and lamest trend in nicknames in today’s sports is initials and single letter prefixes. The initial nickname is by far the laziest form of a nickname. Kevin Garnet claims the nickname of KG. KG? Really? Where is the creativity? Now I know he has one of the good nicknames in the Big Ticket so why is KG even still around? Other culprits include…

CP3 – Chris Paul #3
CB4 – Chris Bosh #4
AI – Allen Iverson / Andre Iguodala

The single letter prefix is almost as lazy as the initials. Baseball made it famous by creating A-rod for Alex Rodriguez. One ballers who has tried it out like Deron Williams going with D-Will. Here are some current stars of the NBA and their nicknames.

Kobe Bryant – Black Mamba
Recently this nickname got bashed on ESPN by both Jalen Rose and Barry Melrose. I respectively disagree. The Black Mamba is original and will never be repeated. The Black Mamba is one of the worlds most deadliest snakes and it can attack at 99 percent accuracy, similar to Kobe himself.

Lebron James – King James
New Nickname – Prince James
This one bothers me, especially since he was dubbed King James way to early in his career. You can’t be a King until you earn the crown and as of now King doesnt have his Crown. He is working and fighting for it right now but until that crown comes to Castle Cleveland, all you are is a Prince.

Andrei Kirilenko – AK-47
This is the only circumstance in which the initials number combination is acceptable. AK the initials and 47 his number works on another level. Kirilinko is from Russia and the deadly AK-47 originated in Russia. Any nickname that refers to your home country and one of its most deadly inventions is fine with me.

Kevin Durant – Durantula
New Nickname – Stretch
This one I enjoy, and I have give credit to JE Skeets of the Basketball Jones for coining this one. It is creative and a nice play on his name. Someone has to defend it a little more in terms of Durantula describing the type of Game that Durant has before it becomes legit for me. Unless you were given a nickname before you started playing sports by a grandma or neighborhood friend, the name has to do your game justice. Durant has ridiculous reach with those lanky arms and uses them to his advantage. You heard it here first boys and girls, Kevin Durant you are now Stretch.

Dwight Howard – Superman
This nickname is perfect. Looking at Howard the last thing you think is ordinary human so he must be Super Man. Also it doesn’t hurt that he flew through the air superman cape and all during the dunk contest on national TV two years ago.

Dirk Nowitzki – Dirkus Circus
Again the great JE Skeets of Basketball Jones coined this one and it fits beautifully. Dirk is the ring leader of the circus shot. Off balance, completely unorthodox, legs kicking in the wrong direction, getting bumped, and he still manages to make clutch shot after clutch shot. If Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, wasn’t already taken Dirk would have rights to it.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Oklahoma City Thunder +10 at Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Durant will share the stage with Kobe in the bright lights of LA tonight. The Lakers look even better than they were one year ago when they won the Championship. The Thunder are the leagues most improved team with a record hovering around .500 apposed to the 3 or 4 wins they had at this point last season. I predict the young future stars of the Thunder will put up a good fight tonight in a loss but keep it close. For this selection I am going with the Thunder to lose by less than ten and win with the spread.

Thunder over Lakers – Scuttlebutt record – (9-10)
Last Night’s Pick, Redskins +3 over Giants, resulted in a Loss with the Giants dominating the Redskins 45-12.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 17, 2009

Dallas Mavericks -2 at Oklahoma City Thunder

One of the brightest young stars in the league, Kevin Durant, gets the opportunity to showcase himself on national TV tonight.  The Mavericks are coming to town and the trio of Jeff Green, Russel Westbrook, and Kevin Durantula will prove they are all rising stars and a rising team.  The Thunder are playing great basketball and have a very tough test in the Mavericks tonight.  Dallas isn’t getting too many points but I have confidence in the home crowd and team.  Thunder will reign supreme tonight.

Thunder over Mavericks – Scuttlebutt – (8-8)
Last pick, Lakers -10 over Bulls, resulted in a loss with the Lakers only winning by 9, 96-87.

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Monday’s REAL Top 5s

Posted by mvetack on November 16, 2009

NFL Teams
Colts (9-0)
Vikings (8-1)
Saints (9-0)
Bengals (7-2)
Patriots (6-3)

College Football Teams
Texas (10-0)
Alabama (10-0)
Florida (10-0)
TCU (10-0)
Cincinnati (10-0)

NBA Teams
Suns (9-2)
Hawks (8-2)
Blazers (8-3)
Nuggets (7-3)
Heat (7-2)

NHL Teams
Sharks (14-4-4)
Devils (14-4)
Flames (12-4-2)
Capitals (12-4-4)
Avalanche (12-5-3)

This Weeks Special – Top 5 NBA Players Right Now

Steve Nash – PG – Suns

Suns Point guard and famous Canadian, is taking over the league similar to his back to back MVP seasons from years ago. His Suns are currently 9 – 2 with wins over both the Heat and the Celtics in their buildings. Nash is leading the league in assists by almost 2 full assists per game than next best guy (Derron Williams).
Lebron James – SF – Cavaliers

The chosen one, King James, Akron Hammer, whatever you want to call him just make sure you call him good. Averaging 27 – 7 – 7 on a team that is starting to get on a roll would be the easy pick for number one if it wasn’t for Steve Nash’s resurgence (did he ever really go away?). Lebron’s outside jumper has improved from last year and so has is ability to handle the “where will you be next year ” question he hears anytime theres a Mic in his face.
Dwyane Wade – SG – Heat
Dwyane Wade’s Heat are a top NBA team despite having a supporting cast equivalent of The Hills. Wade and his Heat do so much more with less than any other successful team in the NBA. Hitting a game winning three pointer against the Nets Saturday night certainly doesn’t hurt your ranking either.
Carmelo Anthony – SF – Nuggets

Carmelo Anthony, the third member on this list from the 2003 draft class, just might be the best scorer in the NBA today. Carmelo’s Nuggets, the surprise team in the western conference finals a year ago, are looking better than ever. Carmelo is playing like an MVP and not even Kobe’s Lakers could slow him and his team down. Melo has yet to drop below 20 points in a game this year and continues to be beastly on the boards.

Kevin Durant – SG/SF – Thunder

Kevin Durant is quickly emerging as one of our leagues elite players. The debate two drafts ago of Durant or Oden is looking more one sided than than a Muhamma Ali Dustin Diamond fight. Durant is making believers out of doubters and creating more room on the Thunder bandwagon every night. Durant can get at it on the boards just about as good as he can score, NBA Jam players watch in awe as he lights it up on a whim.

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