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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 21, 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers -3.5 vs L.A. Lakers

What a game on the slate tonight. Kobe vs Lebron square off as their puppets sit back at home to enjoy the show. Cleveland dominated the Christmas Day matchup so you know the Lake show will be looking to even the score tonight. The Lakers are healthy ish again and want to make a statement. Lebron, at this point in his career, seems more like a showman than a guy who will do anything to win a championship. Lebron may put on a show tonight but it will be the Lakers who will come out on top.

Lakers over Cavs – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-17)
Last pick, Mavericks -4.5 over Wizards, resulted in a Loss with the Mavericks not beating the spread winning by just one point, 94-93.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

Oklahoma City Thunder +10 at Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Durant will share the stage with Kobe in the bright lights of LA tonight. The Lakers look even better than they were one year ago when they won the Championship. The Thunder are the leagues most improved team with a record hovering around .500 apposed to the 3 or 4 wins they had at this point last season. I predict the young future stars of the Thunder will put up a good fight tonight in a loss but keep it close. For this selection I am going with the Thunder to lose by less than ten and win with the spread.

Thunder over Lakers – Scuttlebutt record – (9-10)
Last Night’s Pick, Redskins +3 over Giants, resulted in a Loss with the Giants dominating the Redskins 45-12.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on December 15, 2009

Los Angeles Lakers -10 at Chicago Bulls

Phil Jackson helped build both of these teams dynasties but it is the Lakers that are enjoying success in the league lately. The defending champion Lakers could be the best team in the NBA right now and face off against the very underachieving Bulls. The Bulls look closer to a lottery pick than a playoff spot and have little chance of winning this game. As much as I love my Bulls, I got to go with Kobe and his Lakers even with the Bulls getting 10 points.

Lakers over Bulls – Scuttlebutt Record – (8-7)
Last pick, Uconn -1 over Kentucky, resulted in a loss with the Wildcats winning 64-61

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