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Why we love Sports

Posted by mvetack on January 20, 2010

The Off Season

Sometimes actual games don’t even have to be played for us to enjoy the sport. Baseball takes up over half the year and yet some of the most exciting and enjoyable moments happen in the off season. It is the off season when everyone is in first place. The Yankees are no closer to winning the World Series than the Royals are in the off season. Once the season starts that is definitely a different story. But it is the off season that gives hope and excitement. A simple report of a young player winning the starting third base job has every fan thinking about great success for that player and the team. Many transactions are made every single off season.

For Patriots fans a couple seasons ago it was the addition of All Pro and All exciting wide reciever Randy Moss joining Tom Brady and the Patriots. It was the Clippers drafting once every ten years talent Blake Griffin in the off season Draft (he went down with injury his last preseason game and now will miss the rest of the season, oh clippers fans). For Mets fans it was the off season trade and signing of Cy Young pitcher Johan Santana that had them forgetting the late season collapse that resulted in missing the playoffs. Sometimes it doesn’t even take a big acquisition for the off season to be loved.

Unveiling a new stadium or arena in the off season gets everyone excited for the season to start. It was Citi Field last season and this year it is the Twinns Target Field. New Uniforms being announced is always exciting, especially for superstitious fans who feel it will bring a championship to the team. You don’t think the Buccaneers fan base was going nuts the off season they saw their new unis and said good bye to the creamsicles? Although there is no actual games played in the off season, it gives us as fans many things to get excited about and to love. Heres to you off season for you are another reason why we love sports!

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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on January 13, 2010

Unimportant Half Court Shots

There are only two different point values you can achieve while making a shot on a basketball court. A two pointer and a three pointer. Anything beyond that 23 foot 9 inch arch is worth 3 points. Whether it is an inch beyond that line or 50 feet, it is still 3 points. But that doesn’t mean that the excitement level is not through the roof when you back it up to the half court line. Maybe once a game a team inbounds the ball with about a second to go and has to heave a half to full court shot to try and steal a couple more points before the quarter ends. Many times the score is not close and the basket does not make any difference in the games final tally yet everyone stands up off their seat in anticipation as the ball leaves the hands at three quarters court.

On the rare occasion that the ball clanks off the backboard and finds its way through the cylinder causing fans to explode with joy. Its as if everyone in attendance just found the winning lottery ticket in their pocket. The basket still counts as 3 but to us it is so much more. This is a H.O.R.S.E shot that we get the treat of seeing happen in an actual game. Whether its Jordan, Lebron, Love, a High Schooler or your dad, the unimportant half to full court shot is suddenly Important. For all of you who sacrifice three point percentage for entertainment and a chance at hitting the full court lottery, we thank you for giving us another reason for loving sports.

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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on January 6, 2010

Athletic and Skilled Big Men

Most big men are just that, big. There is not much to them. They were gifted with incredible size and the logical choice of a career, besides volleyball, is basketball. They acquire a two foot shot and simple post moves and for the next 10-15 years they will make about 50 times more than you make in your life. But every now and then a big man seperates himself from the usually clumsy big man.

These big men play the game like they are 6 foot 6 instead of 7 feet. In the case of Dirk Nowitzki they are more comfortable shooting threes than backing you down. A man like Dwight Howard flys through the air like Jordan but has the height of Shaq and the body built like a boxer. Little is more fun than watching a guy that has to duck when he walks into most homes do things that most NBA players can not do. So we thank you athletic big man, for your amazing skills and always surprising athleticism is one more reason why we love sports.

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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on December 17, 2009

Clumsy Big Men

Big men in basketball amaze me.  These guys, as basketball players, grew up their whole lives with a basketball in their hands.  Playing AAU ball, on high school teams, and in the driveway with siblings, yet when they are in college and the NBA they suddenly lose all skill in handling a basketball.  Dribbling, passing, and just generally holding on to a basketball are the basic bare bones skills it takes to play basketball at a grade school level.  That is why it is so entertaining, and yes sometimes frustrating, to  watch a big man with the ball in his hands NOT within five feet of the basket.

Its those times where the big bumbling center has to help  break a press and catches the ball at mid court.  Suddenly his feet have turned to cement and his brain goes hits the snooze button.  90% of the time he will travel on his first step, usually not called especially in the NBA, then he precedes to what some would call walk/run down court.  His legs are now similar to that of a chicken and his face has the expression of a six year old who is hiding his newly soiled pants.

Watching a clumsy big man on the court makes us, the average fan, feel better about our own skills at the same time bringing a large smile to our face.  Clumsy big man we thank you, for you are another reason why we love sports. 

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Why we love sports

Posted by mvetack on December 9, 2009

The Dagger

There is nothing more
enjoyable in sports then when the announcer yells “_______ with the Dagger!”. Especially if it is your favorite team. The dagger, for those who are currently scratching your head, is when one team makes a play (most common in basketball) that in essence ends the game. Examples include….

The “thanks for trying but NO” Dagger

This dagger usually is followed by a lot of exhales and sighs of relief from fans. Your team built up an early lead and have lead comfortably throughout. But all of a sudden a funny thing happens on the way to the finish line. The opposition begins grinding away at the lead and next thing you know you look up from your fridge and your up by 4 points rather than 14. This is a scary moment in time. So much racing through your mind. Why was our bench in so early? Will we ever hit another shot? How will I ever come up with the money? But before you turn off your phone to avoid any human contact for the rest of the night, the dagger is dagged (dagged?). With about 2 minutes to go and the lead shrinking like wrap, your team gets a key defensive stop and hits a big three in transition to increase the lead back to where a comeback is near impossible. Gus Johnson yells something about “The Dagger!” and everyone is happy again.

The “everyone is gonna remember me” Dagger

This dagger comes in a game where you have no time to head to the
kitchen for last nights leftovers. In a game like this the Lead Changes and Ties stat will pop up above the bottom line numerous times. Concession sales are down in a game like this as no one can bare the thought of leaving for just a minute. The dagger is approaching but no one is really sure even what side is going to nail it. One team will pull away to about a two possession lead, enough of a lead where the losing team knows they can’t waste too many more possessions. This is when the team doing the dagging (dagging?) gets a steal, rushes down the court, and throws one down, similar to that of Jerome, and draws the foul putting the game out of reach and spinning the momentum their direction. The player responsible for the this dagger will end up on front pages of newspapers and talked about for at least a couple days. Again, “DAGGER!” is yelled loudly for all to hear.

The “Ok theres, the game is over now, can we go home yet?” Dagger

This dagger is more common in football or baseball (the term dagger seems to be underused in these two sports) than in basketball. A team builds a comfortable lead and seems to be teetering on Mount This Game is Over. There is still a chance for a comeback but it has to be made soon. In baseball this might happen in a 5 – 1 game in the 6th inning. In football this might happen in a 24 – 10 game midway through the third quarter. In baseball the Dagger is usually nailed by a bat and lands in the stands. Perhaps with two outs Prince Fielder gets a hold of one and sends it to Souvenir City and the lead is now somewhere around 7 instead of 4. In football this might come on a kick off return or long Touch Down run that puts one team up by about three scores. “Dagger!” may not be yelled at this point but everyone and their cab driver knows the the deal is done.

The “Got a little excited there” Dagger

This is a Dagger
faux pas. An announcer gets a little too excited and emphatically yells “WITH THE DAGGER!” as a ridiculous tomahawk is thrown down in the face of some European born player with 4 minutes left to play before the TV timeout. Little does the announcer realize that the lead is only 7 points and there are some sharp shooters on the other squad. With in the next two minutes the game is once again tied and the team that supposively put the dagger into the hearts of the opposition, is intentionally fouling and watching their victory slip away one free throw at a time.

So next time you yell “Kobe with the Dagger!” remember, this is why we love sports.

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Wednesday’s Weekly: Why I love sports

Posted by mvetack on November 12, 2009

Throw the Heisman

Ever so often a Heisman candidate makes a game changing play that he feels solidifies him as the Heisman winner. Charles Woodson has done it, fellow Michigan alumni Desmond Howard may have thrown the most memorable Heisman pose as he reached the endzone late in the season against rival Ohio State. Kellen Winslow Jr. decided he wrapped up the heisman with his only touchdown catch of the year. KWJ may have been a little over his head with the Heisman pose but it is always fun to watch someone imitate that famed golden trophy.

Throwing the Heisman should not just be for College Football Players. Everyone should get in on it. Thats right even you, did you just close the biggest sale of the year? Throw the Heisman. Just became a proud father? Throw the Heisman. Just got that really hard question on Jeopardy? Throw the Heisman. People young and old can and should throw the Heisman. Use it wisely though. For every Desmond Howard their are about 50 Kellen Winslows. You decide who you are.

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