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Wednesday’s Weekly: Why I love sports

Posted by mvetack on November 12, 2009

Throw the Heisman

Ever so often a Heisman candidate makes a game changing play that he feels solidifies him as the Heisman winner. Charles Woodson has done it, fellow Michigan alumni Desmond Howard may have thrown the most memorable Heisman pose as he reached the endzone late in the season against rival Ohio State. Kellen Winslow Jr. decided he wrapped up the heisman with his only touchdown catch of the year. KWJ may have been a little over his head with the Heisman pose but it is always fun to watch someone imitate that famed golden trophy.

Throwing the Heisman should not just be for College Football Players. Everyone should get in on it. Thats right even you, did you just close the biggest sale of the year? Throw the Heisman. Just became a proud father? Throw the Heisman. Just got that really hard question on Jeopardy? Throw the Heisman. People young and old can and should throw the Heisman. Use it wisely though. For every Desmond Howard their are about 50 Kellen Winslows. You decide who you are.

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