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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 27, 2010

Memphis Grizzlies -1.5 at Detroit Pistons

The Grizzlies are now 23 and 11 since their 1-8 start. As of now they would be the 7th seed in the West and a dangerous 7 seed at that. Taking down the likes of the Suns, Jazz, Trailblazers, Spurs, Thunder and Magic in recent weeks. The Pistons on the other hand have been very disappointing this season even with adding prolific scorer Ben Gordon. The Grizzlies are in the process proving to the rest of the league that they are no longer a slouch in this league. This is a game that they are supposed to win, rarely have the Grizzlies been in the position where they are supposed to win. Grizzlies minus only 1.5 points seems like a logical choice to me.

Grizzlies over Pistons – Scuttlebutt Record – (14-19)
Last pick, Tarheels -1 over Wolfpack, resulted in a Win with the Heels ending their losing streak with a 77-63 win.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 26, 2010

North Carolina Tarheels -1 vs North Carolina State Wolfpack

North Carolina is in desperate need of a win as they have lost three in a row in the ACC and are in danger of not making the big dance if they keep playing they way they are. Roy Williams is going to get his guys as prepared as possible against rival NC State and get a much needed win. If UNC could limit turnovers by even 20% their season could be a lot different at this point. But turnovers seem to be part of the Heels identity this year and it doesn’t seem like they are going to change. UNC wins a sloppy one tonight.

Heels over Pack – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-19)
Last pick, Mavericks -3 over 76ers, resulted in a loss with the Sixers winning 92-81.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 21, 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers -3.5 vs L.A. Lakers

What a game on the slate tonight. Kobe vs Lebron square off as their puppets sit back at home to enjoy the show. Cleveland dominated the Christmas Day matchup so you know the Lake show will be looking to even the score tonight. The Lakers are healthy ish again and want to make a statement. Lebron, at this point in his career, seems more like a showman than a guy who will do anything to win a championship. Lebron may put on a show tonight but it will be the Lakers who will come out on top.

Lakers over Cavs – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-17)
Last pick, Mavericks -4.5 over Wizards, resulted in a Loss with the Mavericks not beating the spread winning by just one point, 94-93.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 20, 2010

Dallas Mavericks -4.5 at Washington Wizards

I really need a victory here as I have lost 5 picks in a row. Looking through all the NBA action tonight this looked like the most sure thing to bet on since the question, “Is Big Mac on roids?” Dallas is one of the top 5 teams in the NBA right now and should have no trouble beating the wandless Wizards by 5 or more. The Wizards are having all kinds of troubles this season, on and off the court. Antawn Jamison is a great player stuck in an awful situation. As good as he and his number are this season, he can not single handedly stay with Dirk and the Mavs.

Mavericks over Wizards – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-16)
Last pick, Pacers +6.5 over Heat, resulted in a loss with the Heat blowing out the Indiana 113-83.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 19, 2010

Indiana Pacers +6.5 at Miami Heat

I love Dwyane Wade and watching the heat play, that is when they play well. The Heat look like a top 5 team for stretches but then other stretches they turn into the Miami Wade as he is the only one playing well. Tonight the Pacers will want this one more and will play with some fire behind former Notre Dame star Troy Murphy. With 6.5 points the Pacers take this one down in Miami.

Pacers over Heat – Scuttlebutt Record – (13-15)

Last pick, Cardinals +7 over Saints, resulted in a Loss with the Saints trouncing the Cardinals 45-14.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 8, 2010

(24)Butler Bulldogs vs Wright State Raiders Pick em game

There is no spread in this game which now somewhat scares me. Butler is number 24 in the country yet they are not favored by anything. This must mean Wright State is semi descent. I love the way Butler plays great team basketball with some exciting and unique players. I have been pretty bad at picking the college games but ill give it another shot. Butler wins a close won like they should.

Butler over Wright State – Scuttlebutt Record – (12-11)
Last night’s pick, Texas +4 over Alabama, resulted in a loss as Alabama won the game 37-21. I am not counting this against me for a loss as McCoy was knocked out of the game a couple minutes in. As creator of this blog I am perfectly happy and capable of making this call.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 7, 2010

Alabama Crimson Tide -4 vs Texas Longhorns – National Championship

Tonight is the final night of college football. It has been a long season with little change at the top as Florida, Texas, and Alabama rotated the top three spots all year long. In the final week of the season, Texas struggled against a weaker Nebraska team and avoided defeat with a last second field goal. Alabama on the other hand manhandled the defending champion Florida Gators. Coming into this game Alabama looks like a clear favorite after each teams previous performances. Alabama has the great defense, played in the supposively better conference, and has the Heisman winner in their backfield (Mark Ingram). Texas on the other hand has the winningest quarterback in College Football History (Colt McCoy) and a high powered passing attack. For the third straight BCS bowl I am going with the underdog.

Texas over Alabama – Scuttlebutt Record – (12-11)
Last pick, Memphis +8 over Syracuse, resulted in a Loss with the Orange winning 74-57.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 6, 2010

Memphis Tigers +8 at Syracuse Orange

The Memphis Tigers are flying under the radar with all three of their losses coming by less than 8 points including a two point loss to top ranked Kansas. Syracuse is playing above everyone’s expectations except for maybe Jim Boeheim. At number 7 in the nation Syracuse finally got hit with a L against Big East rival Pitt. It doesn’t get much easier for them as they play an out of conference power in Memphis. Memphis has lost 3 games including one to Umass (better than people nation wide know) but all by a slim margin. With 8 points I am choosing Memphis to win a closely fought game.

Memphis over Syracuse – Scuttlebutt Record – (12-10)

Last pick, Iowa +5.5 over Georgia Tech, resulted in a Win with Iowa controlling the game 24-14.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 5, 2010

Iowa +5.5 vs Georgia Tech – Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl has by far been the least hyped game of all the BCS bowls this season. The Iowa Hawkeyes play in a boring Big Ten while the Yellow Jackets play in what could be the weakest BCS conference in the ACC. Iowa scraped through there schedule with no game coming easy. Whether it was Northern Iowa or Michigan, Iowa never looked too impressive in their victories. Never the less they tied with Ohio State as co big ten champs and find themselves taking on the ACC champs in the Orange Bowl. Georgia Tech is a bit more exciting to watch with a great defense and the offensive mind of Paul Johnson, former Navy head coach, running a faster and stronger version of his old teams offense. Iowa has grinded out victories all year and I expect things to stay the same. This will be a low scoring game (although yesterday I said TCU Boise State would be high scoring HA) that will come down to each teams defense. Shutting down the run will be the key in Iowa’s victory. Scratch that, keeping Tech’s running game in check will be the key as they wont be able to completely stop it.

Hawkeyes over Yellow Jackets (11-10)
Last pick, Boise State +7.5 over TCU, resulted in a Win with Boise not needing the points winning the game outright 17-10.

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Pick of the Night

Posted by mvetack on January 4, 2010

TCU -7.5 vs Boise State

Monday night’s Fiesta bowl features the two non BCS conference schools in TCU and Boise State. This match up seems to be made for two reasons. 1… only one of these teams will finish undefeated instead of possibly both if they were playing in two different bowls. This lowers the amount of undefeated teams with an argument for being number one in the nation. 2… the two teams that can possibly flip the BCS system on its head by completely wrecking a team like Florida, Texas, or Alabama, don’t get an opportunity to do so and prove that a playoff is needed. But before I go off on the BCS I am here today just to pick the winner.

These two high octane offenses should make for the most exciting and entertaining BCS bowl game of the season. Everyone appears to be high on TCU this season and has them running circles around Kellen Moore and Boise State. in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend”. Boise State somehow continues to get little respect even as they win year after year after year. Gonzaga in NCAA basketball after a couple surprising seasons legitimatized themselves and is now a main stay in the top 25. Boise for some reason has had a similar story and rise to prominence as the Zags but still gets knocked down a peg going into every season. I think Boise has a chip on their shoulder and truly believe that they could beat both Texas and Alabama. The only chance they have to get some believers is to dominate TCU tonight and that is what they will do.

Boise Broncos over Horned Frogs – Scuttlebutt Record – (10-10)

Last pick, Thunder +10 over Lakers, resulted in a Win with the Lakers only winning by three 111-108.

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