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Thursday’s Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on December 3, 2009

Randy Johnson’s Fastsball

Many pitchers have had intimidating fastballs but none have had a bad ass fastball like Randy Johnson. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s Johnson was perhaps the most intimidating lefty in the game. His sidearm delivery and nearly 100 mph fastball transformed the toughest of men into little school girls when they stood between the chalk in the batter’s box. The two moments that define his fastball as bad ass are as follows.

1997 All Star Game

In the 1997 All Star game, Randy Johnson sailed one of his signature fastballs over the head of left handed batter Larry Walker. Walker, feeling unsafe on the same side of the plate that Randy’s ammunition was coming from, switched to the right side of the plate and turned his helmet backward in order to properly protect himself from the bad assness of Randy Johnson’s fastball.

Bird bean ball

In March of 2001, Randy Johnson’s fastball officially took on the honor of becoming bad ass. In the 7th inning Johnson hurled a fastball towards the plate but it would not reach its destination. That is because a Dove, the symbol of peace, flew across the plate and collided with the fastball. The bird seemed to explode with feathers falling like fireworks all over home plate and the batter’s box. That is correct, Randy Johnson’s fastball straight up killed a bird and a bird of peace no less. If this event doesn’t sweat Bad Ass than I am not sure anything does.

Randy Johnson’s Fastball, you are officially BAD ASS

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