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Last Night’s Nugget

Posted by mvetack on November 19, 2009

Thierry Henry’s Left Hand

World Soccer power France got their game winning and World Cup clinching goal in the final minutes over underdog Ireland last night. Henry received a free kick on the goal line crossed it over to Gallas who knocked it in the net to send them to South Africa. This all sounds fine and good, but the only problem is Henry received that free kick with his left hand. The ball was out of reach of Henry’s body as it was heading out of bounds for a goal kick when Henry saved it with his hand to keep the play going.

The whole team and country of Ireland argued and showed their disagreement towards the refs who missed an obvious call. The refs were having none of it. In a sport that so many fans live and die with every pass and minute that goes by, this call is kinda a big deal. If this happens in America, you know the first thing on everyone’s mind is Replay? Not sure what the paper’s and media is saying in Ireland or the rest of the World where soccer is king, but certainly Ireland would like some sort of explanation to how Henry got away with what he did.

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Thursday’s Weekly Bad Ass

Posted by mvetack on November 19, 2009

Pete Dunham

School teacher, devout West Ham fan, loving uncle, Bad Ass. Pete Dunham is this weeks Bad Ass. Pete grew up competing on the soccer pitch, but eventually his competition took place on the mean streets of England as a Soccer Hooligan. Pete Dunham was the leader of the Green Street Elite in the movie Green Street Hooligans (highly recommend this one). What made Dunham stand out as a Bad Ass hooligan was his swagger and confidence. It also helps when your go to move is the head butt. If you remember Scuttlebutt loves the head butt.

Pete Dunham’s most bad ass moment was when he put himself in the face of danger to save his sister and law and her child. In a street brawl that could have ended in in the standard way of bruises, broken bones, and cuts rather than death, Pete put his life on the line. The “bad guy” and rival soccer firm (hooligan) leader started to make a move during the fight to capture and kill Pete’s sister and law, Pete called him out and used some of these %#@%$. Enough to get him hotter than George Brett in the pine tar game. The man’s anger overcame him and caused him to take it out on Peter. He proceeded to beat the living &#$%@ out of Pete in the face, the sister was able to get away, and live her life violence free. Pete would die there on the ground smiling and laughing the whole time. This is by far one of the most bad ass deaths I have ever seen and ever will see. It was this moment I knew that you Pete Dunham, are a Bad Ass.

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