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Tuesday’s Matchup

Posted by mvetack on December 8, 2009

Gerhart vs Ingram for Heisman

The two students who look to have the best shot at winning the Heisman are both running backs. Tebow and McCoy both had less than stellar seasons compared to years past and with all the credit in the world to Ndamukong Suh, it is next to impossible for a purely defensive player to win the Heisman.

The number one debate in who should win the Heisman is comparing a players stats and the competition he faced in acquiring those stats. Gerhart supporters tell doubters to look at the numbers and there is no question he is the Heisman winner. Ingram supporters look at Gerhart’s monster statistics and say it is because of the poor competition.

To try and
solve this we are going to look at each RBs stats vs the teams they played. We will look at the average rushing yards given up by each team that each running back faced and subtract that from what they got against them. The same will be done with touchdowns. Next, add up the total numbers and this will be their Above Average Season Stats (AASS).

Of course negative numbers mean they rushed for less than what the team averages giving up. So closest to a positive total is the better stat.

Mark Ingram

Virginia Tech 11.3

Florida Int -176.8
North Texas -104.6
Arkansas -100.1
Kentucky -43.2
Mississippi 31.7
South Carolina 109
Tennessee -43.9
LSU 9.8
Mississippi St. 3
Chattanooga -46.8
Auburn -131.7
Florida 10.7
Total Yrd AASS -471.6
Total TD AASS -3.62

Toby Gerhart

Washington St. -115.4
Wake Forest -82.3
San Jose St. -146.2
Washington 51.2
UCLA -10.4
Oregon St. -18.3
Arizona 11.1
Arizona St. 16.4
Oregon 96.3
USC 47
California 18
Notre Dame 34.7

Total Yrd AASS -97.9
Total TD AASS 7.08

Final Alalysis

Ingram rushed for 471.6 yards less than the teams he faced gave up per game and rushed for 3.62 less touchdowns than the teams he faced gave up per game.

Gerhart rushed for a more impressive 97.9 yards less than the teams he faced game up per game and rushed for an astounding 7.08 more touchdowns than the teams he faced gave up per game

From this
analysis Gerhart should easily win the Heisman. His overall season numbers are a lot better in one less game than Ingram.

1736 yrds to 1542 yrds
26 TDs to 15 TDs

When leveling the competition, Gerhart’s Above Average Season Stats are much better than Ingram.

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Monday’s top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on November 30, 2009

NFL Teams

Vikings (10-1) +1
Colts (11-0) -1
Saints (10-0) –
Patriots (7-3) –
Chargers (8-3) –

College Football Teams
Texas (12-0) –
TCU (12-0) –
Florida (12-0) +1
Cincinnati (11-0) +1
Alabama (12-0) -2

NBA Teams
Lakers (13-3) +1
Magic (14-4) +1
Suns (14-3) +1
Hawks (12-5) -3
Cavaliers (12-5) unranked

NHL Teams
Blackhawks (16-6-3) +1
Sharks (18-6-4) -1
Devils (17-6-1) +2
Flames (16-6-3) –
Penguins (18-9-0) unranked

This Week’s Special – Top 5 dangerous players in College Football

Toby Gerhart – RB – Stanford

Gerhart is a workhorse back who is not afraid of contact. In fact this guy goes after contact. It is amazing this guy didn’t end up on the other side of the ball as a linebacker or safety. You instantly know why he doesn’t play defense when you watch his highlight reel. Toby has sneaky speed and almost always needs two or three defenders to take him down. He SHOULD win the Heisman Trophy this year and will at least be in New York for the presentation. Similar player – Mike Alstott

Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame

Whether lining up at running back, in the wildcat, wide receiver, or punt returner, Golden Tate is just seconds away from doing something you have never seen before. With freakish video game like quickness and surprising strength for his size, Golden Tate is possibly the best all around player in college football today. He might also have the most appropriate name for the school he plays for as well. Similar player – Percy Harvin

C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson

Clemson’s CJ Spiller has probably single handedly won half of Clemson’s 8 games this season. He is everything you want in a running back. Good size, blazing speed, power, and the big play ability. While most running backs take a rest on special teams this guy showcases some of his greatest skills returning kicks. Rumor has it Clemson does not use pride stickers because Spiller would have to start putting them on his shirt and pants. Similar player – Larry Johnson

Tim Tebow – QB – Florida

Tim Tebow is very dangerous because you have no clue what he is going to do from play to play. He can run you over, juke you out of your jockstrap, throw a jump pass over your head, or throw a bullet past your ear. With the size of a linebacker it is almost cheating that this guy is allowed to play the quarter back position, and play it this well. With two National Titles under his belt, a Heisman trophy, and possibly a third Title this season, Tim Tebow has proven himself and his team as one of the greatest to ever play college football. Similar player – no one

Jeramiah Masoli – QB – Oregon

Just watch a replay of the Oregon USC game a couple weeks back and you will know why this guy is so dangerous. I’m sure he has heard, “Your too short to play QB” one thousand times in his life and he has definitely proven everyone of them wrong. He is probably a better runner than your favorite team’s running back and just about as good a passer as your teams quarterback. His versatility and leadership abilities are crazy good. This guy is simply fun to watch play football. Similar player – Maurice Jones Drew with a good arm

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