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Top 5 Ballers in the NBA right NOW – round 2

Posted by mvetack on February 1, 2010

Earlier in the season (Nov 16th to be exact) I took a look at the five best players in the NBA at that time in the season.  They were…  Steve Nash, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant.
– heres the link to the original article –
Now for February  2nd edition

Kevin Durant aka Stretch

Kevin Durant right now is the best player in the NBA.  His scoring efficiency has been straight up ridiculous and his team is winning games.  Durant has his ppg up to just a hair under 30 a game and for the month of January shot nearly 60 percent from the field including 58 percent from beyond the arc.  Durant is making the best out of everyone of his shots and has his Thunder in the thick of the playoff race.  Stretch can not be stopped at this point in the season and is making a run at an MVP if he can keep it up.

Lebron James aka Prince James

Lebron has been putting up such insane stats at such a consistent level that people are beginning to expect it and not be as amazed anymore.  Over his last five games James has put up 12, 4, 11, 13, and 11 assists to go with 37, 32, 12, 22, and 32 points.  Last game against the Clippers he exploded for 24 in the first quarter and breezed the rest of the way to an easy victory.   The Cavs are first in the East by 5.5 games and own the best record in the NBA.  Lebron is playing at the top of his game and it is resulting in a lot of Ws.

Gerald Wallace

This guy is one of the most underated guys in the NBA and is finally starting to get some cred.  He was chosen to compete in the Dunk contest and soon after was selected to his first All-Star Game.  Gerald is leading the Bobcats to a surprisingly good season.  As it sits right now, the Bobcats are the 6th seed in the East and would give anyone a run for their money in the first round.  Wallace is a huge reason why.  The guy is averaging nearly 20 points and 11 boards on the year and is only getting better.  Wallace has recorded 3 straight double doubles including a 30 and a 38 point game.  Crashing the boards and great defense from Wallace has been the key to the turn around in Charlotte this season. ( Larry Brown doesn’t hurt either).

Dwight Howard aka Superman

Dwight Howard’s Magic have not been the dominate team we all expected to see at the onset of the season.  Health issues and a lack of chemistry seem to be the main problems for most of the season.  Dwight is making sure that any loss Orlando suffers does not fall on his shoulders.  He is playing above his averages and doing it night in and night out as of late.  Over his last 8 games Dwight is averaging 22.3 points ( 5 over his avg ), 14.6 rebounds ( just over 1 more than his average ) and 3.8 blocks per game ( 1.2 more than his average ).  Over this 8 game stretch the Magic have gone 6-2 including wins over the Celtics, Hawks, and Bobcats and their two losses were in LA ( Lakers ) and in Memphis.  The Magic are getting in a groove and so is Superman.

Kobe Bryant aka the Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is playing great basketball this season and especially right now.  Two nights ago in Boston Kobe hit a game winner with Ray Allen in his eye, grill, salad, sauce,  ( basically what I’m saying is he was covered ) after struggling to find his shot for most of the game.  Then the next night he goes out and drops 44 on the the Grizz to knock off the Logo ( Jerry West ) as the all time Lakers scorer.  If thats not enough proof that Kobe is a top 5 guy in the league right now Kobe is upping his all around game with over 5 assists in 6 of his last 9 games and a dominate game against the Raptors where he dropped 27 points, pulled in 16 boards, and dished 9 dimes.  Kobe’s game is somehow still evolving right before the worlds eyes.

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Top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on January 26, 2010


Cavaliers (35-11) +2
Lakers (33-11) -1
Nuggets (29-14) unranked
Mavericks (29-15) -2
Hawks (28-14) -1
Sharks (35-10-8) +1
Blackhawks (35-13-4) -1
Capitals (34-15-1) -1
Canucks (31-18-2) unranked
Avalanche (30-15-6) unranked
College Basketball
Kentucky (19-0) –
Villanova (18-1) –
Syracuse (20-1) +1
Kansas (19-1) +1
Michigan St. (17-3) unranked

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Monday’s top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on January 19, 2010


Lakers (32-9) +1
Mavericks (27-14) +1
Cavaliers (31-11) -2
Hawks (26-13) unranked
Grizzlies (22-18) unranked


Blackhawks (34-11-4)
Capitals (30-12-6) +1
Sharks (31-10-8) +1
Devils (32-13-1) -2
Sabres (29-11-6) –
College Basketball
Kentucky (18-0) +1
Villanova (16-1) +1
Texas (17-1) -2
Syracuse (18-1) –
Kansas (16-1) –

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Top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on January 12, 2010


Cavaliers (30-10) +1
Lakers (29-8) -1
Mavericks (25-12) unranked
Celtics (26-10) –
Suns (23-14) –


Blackhawks (31-11-4) –
Devils (31-11-1) –
Capitals (27-11-6) –
Sharks (28-10-7) –
Sabres (28-11-5) unranked
College Basketball
Texas (15-0) –
Kentucky (16-0) +1
Villanova (15-1) unranked
Syracuse (15-1) –
Kansas (14-1) – 3

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Monday’s Top 5s

Posted by mvetack on January 4, 2010

NFL Teams
Chargers (13-3) +2

Colts (14-2) -1
Cowboys (11-5) unranked
Saints (13-3) -2
Vikings (12-4) –
Team to look out for… Packers (11-5) Packers are getting hot at the right time and just smoked the Cardinals in a preview of their first round match up next week. The defense is really showing up and looks like it could have the best unit in the Playoffs this year.

NBA Teams

Lakers (27-6) –
Cavaliers (27-9) unranked
Magic (24-9) +1
Celtics (24-8) -2
Suns (21-13) unranked

Team to look out for… Trailblazers (22-13) Despite the injuries that keep racking up for the young Blazers, Portland has kept their most important man Brandon Roy healthy and they have now won 8 of their last 10.

NHL Teams
Blackhawks (26-9-3) +1
Devils (26-9-1) -1
Capitals (24-8-6) +1
Sharks (23-8-7) +1
Penguins (25-10-1) -2

Team to look out for… Avalanche (22-12-6) They can’t quite become a dominant team but they have continued to impress by staying on top the Northwest Division by winning 5 of their last 7.

College Basketball Teams

Texas (13-0) +1
Kansas (13-0) +1
Kentucky (15-0) +1
Syracuse (13-1)
Purdue (13-0)

Team to look out for… Georgetown (11-1) The Hoyas sit just outside of the top ten rankings and will really be tested on January 9th against rival Uconn

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Monday’s Top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on December 22, 2009

NFL Teams
Colts (14-0) –
Saints (13-1) –
Chargers (11-3) +1
Eagles (10-4) +1
Vikings (11-3) -2

Team to look out for… Cowboys (9-5) Shaky as they are, you can not deny the fact that they just took down the Saints and their pursuit at perfection.

NBA Teams
Lakers (22-4) –
Celtics (21-5) –
Hawks (19-7) –
Magic (20-7) –
Mavericks (20-8) –

Team to look out for… Grizzlies (12-15) Yes the Grizzlies.  Randolph is playing out of his head and the their list of December victories include the Cavaliers, Mavericks, and Nuggets.

NHL Teams
Devils (25-8-1) –
Blackhawks (23-8-3) +3
Penguins (25-10-1) -1
Capitals (22-8-6) –
Sharks (20-8-7) unranked

Team to look out for… Nashville Predators (22-11-3) This team just keeps winning despite the current management problems they are facing.

College Basketball Teams
Syracuse (11-0) –

Texas (10-0) +1
Kansas (10-0) -1
Kentucky (11-0) –
Purdue (10-0) –

Team to look out for… Richmond Spiders (8-3) With a weekend victory over the #11 ranked Florida Gators, the Spiders vastly improved their Tournament invitation chances.

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Monday’s Top 5s

Posted by mvetack on December 15, 2009

NFL Teams

Colts (13-0) +1
Saints (13-0) -1
Vikings (11-2) –
Chargers (10-3) –
Eagles (9-4) unranked

Team to look out for… Packers (9-4) Green bay looking like a dangerous team and the Vikings better not slip up in final weeks

NBA Teams

Lakers (18-4) –
Celtics (17-6) +3
Hawks (17-6) –
Magic (17-6) -2
Mavericks (17-7) unranked

Team to look out for… Utah Jazz (14-9) Impressive wins over the Magic and Lakers the Jazz seem to be moving up in the West
NHL Teams
Devils (22-8-1) +4
Penguins (22-10-1) unranked
Kings (21-10-3) unranked
Capitals (20-7-6) –
Blackhawks (20-8-3) -4

Team to look out for… Avalanche (19-10-6) The Avs started hot and cooled down for the last couple of weeks. They look to be back on track with 4 wins in their last 5.

College Basketball Teams
Syracuse (9-0)
Kansas (9-0)
Texas (8-0)
Kentucky (10-0)
Purdue (9-0)

Team to look out for… Harvard (7-2) Impressive wins over Boston College and William and Mary and losing by only 6 to the Uconn Huskies have Harvard looking to be a dangerous sleeper come March. Georgetown watch out on Saturday.

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Monday’s Top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on December 7, 2009

NFL Teams
Saints (12-0) –
Colts (12-0) +1
Vikings (10-2) -1
Chargers (9-3) –
Bengals (9-3) –

College Football Teams

Alabama (13-0) +4
TCU (12-0) –
Texas (13-0) -2
Boise State (12-0) unranked
Cincinnati (12-0) -1

NBA Teams
Lakers (16-3) –
Magic (16-4) –
Hawks (14-6) +1
Cavaliers (15-5) +1
Celtics (16-4) unranked

NHL Teams

Blackhawks (18-7-3) –
Flames (18-7-3) +2
Sharks (19-7-5) -1
Capitals (18-5-6) unranked
Devils (19-7-1) -2

Next week Top Men’s College Basketball Teams

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Edit the Top 5 NFL teams

Posted by mvetack on December 1, 2009

Top NFL teams (since end of MNF)
Saints (11-0) +2
Vikings (10-1) -1
Colts (12-0) -1
Chargers (8-3) +1
Bengals (8-3) unranked

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Monday’s top 5’s

Posted by mvetack on November 30, 2009

NFL Teams

Vikings (10-1) +1
Colts (11-0) -1
Saints (10-0) –
Patriots (7-3) –
Chargers (8-3) –

College Football Teams
Texas (12-0) –
TCU (12-0) –
Florida (12-0) +1
Cincinnati (11-0) +1
Alabama (12-0) -2

NBA Teams
Lakers (13-3) +1
Magic (14-4) +1
Suns (14-3) +1
Hawks (12-5) -3
Cavaliers (12-5) unranked

NHL Teams
Blackhawks (16-6-3) +1
Sharks (18-6-4) -1
Devils (17-6-1) +2
Flames (16-6-3) –
Penguins (18-9-0) unranked

This Week’s Special – Top 5 dangerous players in College Football

Toby Gerhart – RB – Stanford

Gerhart is a workhorse back who is not afraid of contact. In fact this guy goes after contact. It is amazing this guy didn’t end up on the other side of the ball as a linebacker or safety. You instantly know why he doesn’t play defense when you watch his highlight reel. Toby has sneaky speed and almost always needs two or three defenders to take him down. He SHOULD win the Heisman Trophy this year and will at least be in New York for the presentation. Similar player – Mike Alstott

Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame

Whether lining up at running back, in the wildcat, wide receiver, or punt returner, Golden Tate is just seconds away from doing something you have never seen before. With freakish video game like quickness and surprising strength for his size, Golden Tate is possibly the best all around player in college football today. He might also have the most appropriate name for the school he plays for as well. Similar player – Percy Harvin

C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson

Clemson’s CJ Spiller has probably single handedly won half of Clemson’s 8 games this season. He is everything you want in a running back. Good size, blazing speed, power, and the big play ability. While most running backs take a rest on special teams this guy showcases some of his greatest skills returning kicks. Rumor has it Clemson does not use pride stickers because Spiller would have to start putting them on his shirt and pants. Similar player – Larry Johnson

Tim Tebow – QB – Florida

Tim Tebow is very dangerous because you have no clue what he is going to do from play to play. He can run you over, juke you out of your jockstrap, throw a jump pass over your head, or throw a bullet past your ear. With the size of a linebacker it is almost cheating that this guy is allowed to play the quarter back position, and play it this well. With two National Titles under his belt, a Heisman trophy, and possibly a third Title this season, Tim Tebow has proven himself and his team as one of the greatest to ever play college football. Similar player – no one

Jeramiah Masoli – QB – Oregon

Just watch a replay of the Oregon USC game a couple weeks back and you will know why this guy is so dangerous. I’m sure he has heard, “Your too short to play QB” one thousand times in his life and he has definitely proven everyone of them wrong. He is probably a better runner than your favorite team’s running back and just about as good a passer as your teams quarterback. His versatility and leadership abilities are crazy good. This guy is simply fun to watch play football. Similar player – Maurice Jones Drew with a good arm

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