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Why we love Sports

Posted by mvetack on January 20, 2010

The Off Season

Sometimes actual games don’t even have to be played for us to enjoy the sport. Baseball takes up over half the year and yet some of the most exciting and enjoyable moments happen in the off season. It is the off season when everyone is in first place. The Yankees are no closer to winning the World Series than the Royals are in the off season. Once the season starts that is definitely a different story. But it is the off season that gives hope and excitement. A simple report of a young player winning the starting third base job has every fan thinking about great success for that player and the team. Many transactions are made every single off season.

For Patriots fans a couple seasons ago it was the addition of All Pro and All exciting wide reciever Randy Moss joining Tom Brady and the Patriots. It was the Clippers drafting once every ten years talent Blake Griffin in the off season Draft (he went down with injury his last preseason game and now will miss the rest of the season, oh clippers fans). For Mets fans it was the off season trade and signing of Cy Young pitcher Johan Santana that had them forgetting the late season collapse that resulted in missing the playoffs. Sometimes it doesn’t even take a big acquisition for the off season to be loved.

Unveiling a new stadium or arena in the off season gets everyone excited for the season to start. It was Citi Field last season and this year it is the Twinns Target Field. New Uniforms being announced is always exciting, especially for superstitious fans who feel it will bring a championship to the team. You don’t think the Buccaneers fan base was going nuts the off season they saw their new unis and said good bye to the creamsicles? Although there is no actual games played in the off season, it gives us as fans many things to get excited about and to love. Heres to you off season for you are another reason why we love sports!

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