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Run Down

Posted by mvetack on November 30, 2010

Welcome to the run down, just a semi organized post of stuff I gotta talk about in sports.  Here we go…

Gilbert Arenas is back.  He may not be Agent Zero or Gilzero but his game is back!  With or without John Wall he is scoring the ball like its 2006 again.  Basketball is just better when the new number 9 is a top player.  I am not just saying this because I have his autographed shoe and jersey, but he is just an entertaining player to watch.  Its good to see his game talking for him and not his over the top antics.  The funny stories and practical jokes are cool but we all know he went over the top with the whole gun thing.  The Wizards have a nice little group of guys this year even if one of them (Arenas) is making more than the Florida Marlins.  Gilbert and Wall make a good pair of guards with Hinrich off the bench.  JaVale McGee is having a year closer to the expectations when he came into the league.  Blatche has continued his good play since Gil went down last year.  If you haven’t selected all 7 of your league pass teams take a look at the Wiz.

Derek Anderson and the Cardinals had an embarrassing showing on Monday Night Football.  If you have a TV, internet, or twitter, I am sure you have caught the video of Derek Anderson laughing on the sidelines during a blowout and then blowing up (Mentos and coke style, not Mount Vesuvius style) during the post game presser.  For one I don’t think laughing and joking on the sideline is that big of a deal even in a losing effort.  Yea this is their job and they are getting paid big money to do what most of us would love to do on a weekly basis, but its ok to have a laugh, smile, or chuckle despite whats happening on the field.  Maybe he should just wear all black (they were wearing the alternate black tops last night) and mourn until next Sunday.  Your watching a grown man playing a game!  What do you expect.  Hes playing a sport for a living, its not the most serious and important thing in the world.  The Cardinals were not losing a playoff game or an early season game, they have 3 wins and its week 12.  Probably not going anywhere this season.

Blake Griffin is a bona fide all star.  In a league with not a lot of dominate centers, Blake Griffin is making his case for starting in the all star game.  He is not just dominating the highlight reel with send all your friends youtube clips dunks, he is putting up around 20 and 10 daily, nightly, and ever so rightly.  Blake has been well worth the year long wait.  Their is finally a reason to watch the Clipp show even if they lose by 10 or 20.

Besides Derek Anderson’s laugh on the sideline last night, MNF was the stage for a premier player going down for the season.  That would be San Fran’s bulldozer Frank Gore.  The Niners were ripping off 10 yards a clip with Gore in the back field as he was well on his way to a career game.  On just 5 carries in the first quarter Gore had 52 yards.  Suddenly Gore was seen jogging to the locker room.  Gore came back the next possession for one carry for about 11 yards and looked like he would come back to get the 150 to 200 yards  he was on pace for.  Then he was seen shaking his head, helmet off, talking to coach Singletary back on the sideline.  While grimacing on the sideline Gores back up and former Eagle great Brian Westbrook eclipsed 100 yards to go with a score.  Twitterverse was flooded with, Gore is a wimp… Get in the Game Gore… I just need a couple more Fantasy points Gore come on!  And some other NSFW pleads for Frank.  Gore is now out for the season with a hip injury and killing Fantasy Nerds playoff hopes everywhere.  Including mine.

Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan went at it NFL Blitz style.  Remember sitting on the basement floor with your brother for hours late hitting Emmitt Smith with your favorite line backer?  Then you loved the “fisticuffs”, as ESPN calls it, that occurred in the Texans vs Titans blowout.  Its always fun when a hockey fight breaks out in a football game.  Helmets flying and fists throwing ended with ejections and 50K into the NFL’s bank account.  Andre won the fight over the Josh Koscheck – DJ Pauly D combo in Finnegan.

Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook are the two guys I would pay the most to see play live.  These are two of the top players in the league right now and should be leading sportscenter on a daily/nightly basis.  No one is quicker than either won and both dunk in track and finish near the hoop better than most players can finish a free throw.  Russ Wes is taking over the Thunder from his bff Durant while Rose is putting the city of Chicago on his shoulders and can’t wait until the Booze Cruise Carlos gets in the lineup.


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Votto’s got no love for his All Star Teammate

Posted by mvetack on July 15, 2010

Yea, so what were on the same team for one game.  The Cubs Suck and Marlon Bryd Sucks!  Well those were not the exact words or thoughts of All Star first baseman Joey Votto on Tuesday night, but they might as well have been.  In a world of Red Sox (Ortiz) receiving Home Run Derby pitching from a Yankee and Dodgers smiling and high-fiving with Giants, it is refreshing to see a guy who knows his rivals and acts like it.

Marlon Byrd made a possible game saving play throwing out Big Papi at second base for the second out of the 9th inning.  He deserved all the credit in the world and got it from just about every one on the team.  Here is what NL teammate Joey Votto had to say about the stinkin Cubbie making such a good play.

Via ESPN (found on

“I don’t like the Cubs,” Votto said. “And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back. But because he made that really cool play, it turned out to be a really cool experience. I’m really glad we got the win today.”

Votto was obviously glad to see his rival make such a “cool” play but that doesn’t mean hes gotta show him some love.  Votto is really making it harder and harder for me to keep him from climbing on my ‘New favorite player’ meter.

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Joxygen’s Unorganized All Star weekend thought #53 back in February

Posted by mvetack on July 9, 2010

“53. Dwyane Wade really needs to get on a team or add some more play makers besides Beasley.  He looked so much more at ease on the court Sunday night.”

So now we will see that Wade should be argued as the best player in the NBA alongside Kobe Bryant.

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High Expectations for Heyward

Posted by mvetack on April 2, 2010

Rookie Right Fielder Jason Heyward has been dubbed the next great superstar to break into the Major Leagues.  Comparisons to Griffey and Arod have already started for this 20 year old before he has even played one MLB game.

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All Star Weekend Facts (ok maybe just predictions)

Posted by mvetack on February 11, 2010

Predictions are not the most original topic but they are fun to do and a good way to see how bad my diagnostic skills are.  Here is my prediction for every event, game, and mvp for this weekend in Dallas. (minus the celebrity game)

Rookie Sophomore Game
This contest consists of next to no defense, think Golden State, and plenty of shooting, think… well I guess Golden State, and is usually won by the sophomores.  It is not the most thrilling version of basketball but it is a decent way to start the three days of All Star festivities.  The most intriguing aspect of this game is it gives us a chance to see what a game would look like if the Warriors were able to play themselves.

Winner – Sophomores – Stacked team and experience, even in this type of game, seems to matter.
MVP – Michael Beasley – Rack up a lot of easy boards, get a bunch of flashy dunks and put backs, and he will probably knock down a couple treys.

Halftime Dunk Off
Contestants – Eric Gordon and DeMar DeRozan
Everyone in the basketball world has DeMar already advancing to the main event.  I really want to go with the supposed upset in Eric Gordon.  The hype around DeMar can easily turn on him and lead to disappointment among voters thinking he is going to give us quite the show.  Remember when Josh Smith put down the tape on the court from about three feet beyond the free throw line? Everyone got ready for him to do something spectacular.  He ignored the line and the fans ignored his dunk.  But, with that said, Gordon is playing in the Rook Soph game and may not have as much in the tank for some sensational dunks.  DeMar also seems to want this more and winning is a little more important.  Is this accurate? Possibly not but its just the vibe I am getting.  DeMar has probably practiced for this more than his actual Raptors games.

Winner – DeMar DeRozan

This is an event that has a lot of potential but, like last year, will disappoint many.  Just because these guys are NBA stars and you see youtube videos of them hitting crazy “horse” shots doesnt mean they can do them on demand.  Chances are they will try a couple trick shots and most if not all won’t fall.  After a couple tries one guy will start knocking down some long range shots and win the whole thing.  I’m hoping to see creativity throughout, even if it isn’t Jordan vs Bird McDonald’s style, to make it interesting.  Maybe some eyes closed, bounce shots, calling bank, half court heaves, pretty much I want to say wow at least two or three times.

Contestants – Kevin Durant (defending champ), Omar Casspi, Rajon Rondo
Winner – Kevin Durant – Rajon makes one or two trick shots but Durant’s range and length allows him to make shots that neither Rondo or Casspi can make.

Shooting Stars
No this is not the Three Point shoot out this is that one with the Ex NBA guy, current WNBA member, and Current NBA baller from the same city.  To me this contest comes down to making the half court shot.  Perfection through the normal shots means nothing if no one can knock down the half court heave.

Texas (home team) – NBA – Dirk Nowitzki, WNBA – Becky Hammon – Old Timer – Kenny Smith
Atlanta – NBA – Joe Johnson, WNBA – Angel McCoughtry, Old Timer – Steve Smith
Los Angeles – NBA – Pau Gasol, WNBA – Marie Ferdinand-Harris, Old Timer – Brent Barry
Sacramento – NBA – Tyreke Evans, WNBA – Nicole Powell, Old Timer – Chris Webber

Winner – Texas – Dirkus Circus lives for the half court shot.

Skills Challenge
The skills challenge is the one challenge I would like to try the most.  No incredible height or jumping skills are needed for this one and when you see a guy actually going at full speed in this thing it can be a beautiful sight to see.  Three of the four guys have won it before and one guy is a rook.  A very competitive field makes this one very tough to pick.

Contestants – Brandon Jennings, Derrick Rose (defending champ), Derron Williams, Steve Nash
Winner – Brandon Jennings – This will be the last part of All Star weekend that Jennings will be involved in and will try to make it count by giving the old college try.

3 Point Contest
The always exciting three point contest is second fiddle to the Dunk Contest, but many times has a more exciting finish.  The money ball is key but so is feeding off the crown and getting on a hot streak.  Pierce and Chauncey are clutch ( they will hit their money balls ) and Stephen Curry can certainly get on a hot streak and the crowd will probably get behind the rookie.  Curry’s young legs will go against one of the two grizzled vets in the finals.

Contestants – Chauncey Billups, Paul Pierce, Channing Frye, Stephen Curry, Danillo Galinari, Daquan Cook (defending champ)
Winner – Stephen Curry – Young legs prove victorious in this contest.

Dunk Contest
The true highlight of All Star weekend is the dunk contest.  The Dunk Contest has the ability to make bench warmers super stars for at least one night ( see 2007’s Gerald Green ).  With adjusted rules over the past couple years they seem to have it at a point where we wont get let down anymore.  Birdman’s 3,456,201 attempts was just stupid early on in the decade and so was Nate Robinson’s alley-oop madness a couple years later.  And I think the NBA destroyed all footage of the Dunk Wheel back when Stevie Francis was still relevant.

Contestants – Nate Robinson (Defending Champ), Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown, DeRozan/Gordon winner
Winner – Shannon Brown – He can jump through the roof and is a smaller guy which always makes dunks look better in the open court.  Foot note – JE Skeets predicts Nate Robinson dropping out due to his nagging injury and LeBron stepping in.  If this happens there will be so much hype in the building that the roof may come down.  The hype will make any average dunk get near 10’s for LeBron and he will win.  Otherwise it is Shannon.

All Star Game
The last four games have swapped winners each year with the West winning last years game with Kobe and Shaq sharing MVP honors.  This year the West’s lineup looks better overall even though the East can put LeBron, Wade, Dwight, and Joe Johnson on the court at once.  The guard play of the West (Derron, Nash, and Chauncey) will have plenty of minutes and get in the flow of the game more than the young Rondo and Rose ( Unless one of the two is having an MVP like game, Rondo probably over Rose, don’t be surprised if LeBron runs the point in crunch time).

Winner – Western Conference – Limited Guards due to injury will help get guys big minutes (Derron Williams) and get into the flow of the game.  Duncan plays well down the stretch when some defense is played and Melo hits some big shots.
MVP – Derron Williams – Big minutes, knocking down threes, and tons of easy early assists give Derron MVP numbers.  LeBron could have biggest night but a losing effort will take his name out of the hat.

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