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E-mail to sports fans

Posted by mvetack on February 15, 2011

Dear Sports Fan,

Are you kidding me! the Cavs finally won a game against my fantasy star Blake Griffin and the Clips.  I guess no one can really be surprised by the Clippers being the first victim in 26 games.  Weren’t you lookin forward to the Wizards 0 – and everything on the road vs the Cavs losing streak?  Well that game was still played and the Wiz finally won on the road.  Combine the Cavs ending their losing streak, the Wizards getting their first road W, and the Ohio State Buckeyes losing for the first time on the season, and you got quite a week for ending streaks. 

Did you watch that Kansas – Kansas St game last night? Pullins went OFF for State.  They made Kansas look like a cupcake and not the number one seed that they had gained just hours earlier.  Remember when K State was supposed to be a good team.  Top 5 to start the season.  Now they might be playin in the NIT. 

Spring Training has begun.  As exciting and happy I am for Spring Training, it does not do too much for me.  I love watching some spring training games and hearing about some baseball stories but we are still over a month away from real baseball and Spring Training just isnt the same.  Maybe I should go next Spring and catch some of the games. 

Pujols is gonna get paid  a TON of money but the question is by who?  I gotta think they Cards and Albert will come to an agreement and not let him walk.  Pujols could be the greatest player ever behind Babe Ruth.  You do what you have to do to keep that guy.  He is a once in a life time player. 

I know its been out a while but I love the Ovechkin “This is Sportscenter commercial”.  I don’t think I have ever seen one of those comercials I didn’t enjoy. 

Don’t look now but Nash is making a run at Rondo and his league leading assists per game.  In the past week Nash averaged about 3 more assists per game than Rondo and is now just over 1 asssist per game behind Rondo.  I think this is the NBA story that no one is paying attention to and will be fun to watch down the stretch. 

The biggest arguement in basketball is how to rank the top PGs.  For some reason no one likes to rank any other position.  Here is my top 7 point guards.  Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Jason Kidd, Rajon Rondo,  Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook.  Deron and Paul I think are in a class alone.  Both can fill up the score sheet and dish out assists like nothihng.  If they were not such good scorers they would be putting up the same assist numbers of Nash and Rondo.  Rose is next.  He is one of the best scorers in the league and is so difficult to guard one on one.  Maybe impossible.  And with his pretty good jumper this year he is just too dangerous now.  I got Kidd over Rondo because he is a better passer I believe and easily a better shooter.  Rondo has the defense edge and quickness but not being able to shoot a lick just can not put you ahead of Kidd.  Nash is next for me because his offense is so well rounded as a dominate passer, offense runner, shooter.  His D is just too lacking for me for him to be top 5.  Russ is 7th because of how explosive he is.  He moves too quick and fast sometimes and gets charges called and throws up off balanced shots in the lane.  But his skills are right there with Rose and he could be on his level pretty soon.

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LeBron’s Hour long meeting with the Cavaliers

Posted by mvetack on July 3, 2010

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Antawn Jamison, Welcome to Cleveland

Posted by mvetack on February 19, 2010

Antawn Jamison, where getting blocked 5 times, throwing up 2 air balls, shooting 0-12, scoring 2 points, and getting smoked by 17 in your debut happens.

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Jamison is Cleveland’s Drink of Choice

Posted by mvetack on February 17, 2010

Well they had their choice and it looks like it will be Jamison instead of Amar’e for Cleveland.  This trade is definitely for the now instead of the future.  33 for Antawn and 27 for Amar’e are the most important numbers in the two possible trades for keeping LeBron down the road.  Those would be the ages of the two players in question.  Antawn should do nothing but help the Cavs chances of winning the title this year with his ability to stretch out the court with his outside game, rebound, create his own shot, and more importantly get out of LeBron’s way.  An Amar’e trade may have caused a change in offensive philosphy in cleveland and cause some temporary road bumps, but having the younger super star meant upping the chances of keeping LeBron in a Cleveland uniform for years to come.

Cleveland will part with Big Z along with his expiring contract and Cleveland’s first round pick.  Along with those two, the Wiz get, now former Clippers, Brian Skinner and Al Thornton.  The Clippers pick up likely buyout man Drew Gooden.  Also in the trade the Cavs get career underachiever Sebastian Telfair.

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What mattered this weekend #3

Posted by mvetack on February 8, 2010

LeBron Drops 47

On Super Bowl eve LeBron got the party started early in New York scoring 35 first half points against the Knickerbockers.  After the first quarter was over it was Knicks 24 LeBron 23.  The best team in the NBA with perhaps the best player in the NBA is playing great basketball and has won 11 in a row and grew their Eastern Conference lead to over 5 games in the past month.  What was good about LeBron’s 47 is that after scoring a franchise high 35 in the first half, he didnt try to go for a scoring record but coasted to a victory assisting other players throughout the second half and banging on the boards to finish with 47 pts 8 reb 8 ast and 5 stl.  Somehow throughout all of this the game was not decided until Prince James hit back to back deep jumpers to extend the lead to 7 with under a minute to play.  The NBA’s most “did you just see that!?!?!” player is on top of the NBA world and still he is able to one up himself on what seems a nightly basis.  I suggest you start trying to watch some of Cleveland’s games this season.  James seems to have topped himself with a 47 point game but you know sooner rather than later he will one up himself again.

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