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I love sports I dont care who knows it…

Posted by mvetack on October 18, 2011

Wow, just read my last post and saw it was back in February.  Eeek.  I am just going to jump right back into this thing head first. Lets go!

The Cardinals are in the World Series?  Are you kidding me!  It was crazy enough that they made it to the playoffs but no one really took them seriously did they? The Rangers on the other hand are back for the second straight season.  People don’t seem as excited about them being there but they are a really fun team to watch.  The Rangers did not get talked about too much by the masses as world series favorites throughout the season even though they were defending AL champs.

Mark Sanchez looked pretty decent vs the Dolphins on Monday Night.  The offense really took a while to get going but when it did they looked real good.  A nice balance of run and pass and the Jets look decent again.  Holy Revis by the way.  He may have gotten away with a little interference on the TD but the D never gets the benefit of the doubt, good call.

No NBA in the near future is really not cool with me right now.  I got my NBA fix and some with 2k12 lately but now playing the game is only getting me more excited about actual NBA action.

I got roped into a fantasy hockey league for the first time ever.  So glad I am in the league.  I enjoy watching hockey but I admit I am falling behind on the buzz of the league and who the players are.  Patty Roy’s Right Hook is definitely helping me out.  My new favorite player is one of my earlier picks Wayne Simmonds from Philly.  He can get after it.  Throws his body around, gets some penalties, and attacks the net with speed.  Finally got Versus network at the house and love having NHL on my television again.

World Series tomorrow night! No football, no NBA action, so you better be watching.  Its the freakin World Series people come on!  Oh and New Hampshire’s own Chris Carpenter is on the bump, very cool.


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83 Predictions for 2011 that Should Happen but Probably Won’t

Posted by mvetack on January 6, 2011

  1. Matt Bonner starts an international sandwich chain called Red Rockets
  2. Rasheed Wallace or Robert Horry hits the game winning shot in the NBA finals
  3. Jimmy Fallon becomes the face of late night, with Questlove right there by his side
  4. The Heat face off against the Spurs in the NBA Finals and break every TV rating record
  5. Space Jam is re-released in 3D
  6. NFL Redzone is offered online for a discounted price
  7. Michael Vick graces the cover of Madden 12 and two weeks after release it is deemed illegal to use Vick because of his dominance
  8. NHL games will be shown  two or three times a week on ESPN, FOX, NBC, or CBS (not all of us have VERSUS)
  9. MMA fights will lead SportsCenter more than ten times
  10. A batch of young exciting boxers and a newly implemented plan for boxing gets people excited about it again
  11. Three More NBA Super Teams (Heat) are formed
  12. Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan face off in the octagon
  13. Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan have a much needed rematch in the octagon
  14. Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan have a third and final fight in the octagon to settle the score
  15. Technology allows Ted Williams to return to baseball
  16. Ted Williams 2.0 signs the largest contract in baseball history
  17. Prince Fielder endorses baseball pajamas
  18. One of the major sports adds a new team called the Zombies
  19. Chipper Jones announces his retirement and takes over as Manager
  20. Manu Ginobli finishes in the top 3 in the MVP voting
  21. Slam Magazine becomes a weekly mag
  22. US Mens Soccer ranks 1st in the World
  23. Fatheads drop in price by 50%
  24. College Football implements a 16 team playoff
  25. Bill Raftery opens a traveling Onions! Stand to sell Raft’s Onion rings on location of college basketball games
  26. 2002 MLB All Star game that ended in a tie will finally be decided as all players from the game are brought back to play some more extra innings
  27. Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger go head to head on Dancing with the Stars
  28. Kevin Durant is selected for NBA 2k12’s cover
  29. A clueless mom fills out a perfect NCAA Bracket
  30. The Colts figure out how to run the ball and stop the run
  31. Steroids are nowhere to be found in all levels of sports
  32. EA Sports loses its monopoly on NFL licensing in video games
  33. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin all participate in the Dunk Contest
  34. Jim Mora’s “Playoffs?” and Allen Iverson’s “Were talkin Practice” press conferences are never referenced ever again
  35. Stuart Scott steps down from ESPN and or he stops the mid 90’s middle schooler act
  36. Jack Johnson performs a 2 hour long halftime show at the Super Bowl
  37. Backbreaker Football 2 comes out and is twice as good as the first one (if you have yet to check out the first BackBreaker game please stop reading and check it out now)
  38. Aroldis Chapman becomes a dominate starting pitcher and loses no velocity on his fastball
  39. Keene State College gets a football team
  40. The Yellow Line is no longer “Unofficial”
  41. The Cubs play baseball in October
  42. All Networks decide that fans running onto the field is suitable for us to watch
  43. Michael Jordan shows us all he’s still got it by competing and winning the 3pt contest
  44. Baseball cards become more popular than video games
  45. Neither the Celtics or Lakers make it to the NBA Finals
  46. Peyton Manning is elected into the Hall of Fame
  47. I in game dunk in a men’s league game
  48. starts a magazine
  49. Ron Artest plays in the NFL
  50. Brandon Marshall plays in the NBA
  51. Wesley Matthews will be a household name
  52. ESPN on NBA’s halftime show coffee shop table will get even smaller and more uncomfortable
  53. I will pick up a bigger interest in and follow college baseball
  54. Dick Vitale and Bill Raftery call a game together
  55. The Dunk Contest is amazing
  56. Ron Artest wins Kobe his 6th NBA Finals ring and gets another minute on the mic post game
  57. Pau and Marc Gasol will get a reality tv show, and it will be great
  58. Tim Tebow quickly becomes a top ten quarterback in the NFL
  59. Baseball holds a Home Run Derby for pitchers during its All Star Break
  60. The Pitchers Home Run Derby will be called the Chicks Dig the Long ball Competition
  61. Micah Owings wins the inaugural Chicks Dig the Long ball Competition
  62. Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Blake Griffin, and Yao Ming stay healthy for over a year
  63. Reggie Bush becomes an every down back and wows us on a weekly basis like he did at USC
  64. Patrick Roy coaches a Stanley Cup level NHL team
  65. The new NFL playoff overtime rules will be used at least once
  66. The Mets win the World Series
  67. The Broncos win the Super Bowl
  68. The Bulls win the Finals (ignore Heat vs Spurs prediction)
  69. The Avalanche win the Stanley Cup
  70. North Carolina wins the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship
  71. Notre Dame football goes undefeated
  72. Vince Young beats the Titans in the playoffs
  73. A 16 seed beats a one seed in the Big Dance
  74. The Basketball Jones tv show airs in the United States
  75. Half court and beyond shots are counted at 4 points
  76. 55 plus yard FGs are counted as 4 points
  77. A Goalie scoring is counted as 2 goals
  78. A pitcher hitting a Homerun is counted as 2 runs
  79. The Olympics announce three on three basketball as its newest Olympic sport
  80. HD tv, like color tv before it, is available for free
  81. The Red Sox and Yankees have a benches clearing brawl resulting in 9 total broken bones
  82. Tommy Heinsohn agrees with a call against the Celtics
  83. And Finally, YOUR favorite team wins the big game

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The Alphabet game

Posted by mvetack on October 19, 2010

Heres a little thing I saw on (a great website by the way).  They do review of the sports weekend using the alphabet.  So I am taking a shot at it.  Here we go!

A is for Andrei Arshavin. Andrei Arshavin is interviewed for Arsenal TV and answers some non soccer related questions with some interesting answers.  Take a look.

B is for Benched. The Carolina Panthers are going back to Matt Moore after giving the Jimmy Clausen experiment a try.  Clausen looked like a rookie for the Panthers and for now will watch the games from the sideline.

C is for Cliff Diving. Junior Seau, former San Diego and Patriots Linebacker, had a rough weekend.  First he was arrested in a domestic dispute with his wife, then he fell asleep at the wheel and drove his car over a cliff suffering minor injuries.

D is for Double Dip. San Francisco Giants corner outfielder Cody Ross tagged Roy Halladay for two home runs in game one of the NLCS on the way to a 4-3 Giants victory.

E is for ERA 5.26 After falling behind two games to one against the Texas Rangers, the Yankees are in desperate need of a win and turn to AJ Burnett and his season era of 5.26, good luck Yanks.

F is for Freshman! Freshman! Number 5 ranked and undefeated Nebraska took on unranked and struggling Texas on Saturday.  Nebraska’s Freshman QB and early Heisman candidate Taylor Martinez had a rough game going 4 for 12 passing for just 63 yards and rushing for just 21 yards on 13 carries.  The Huskers lost 20-13 and might have said good bye to the Heisman and National Championship hopes.

G is for the Goulet Awards. Minnesota Twins Starting Pitcher Carl Pavono is a finalist for 2010’s “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year”  On why Pavano was selected as a finalist, the American Mustache Institute said,

“Many thought Carl Pavano’s baseball career was done. And then hegrew a mustache. Since then, he resurrected his career with a 17-11 record in 2010, 3.75 ERA, and a Central Division Championship. His Pavstache single handedly brought the popularity of lip garments back to Minnesota and powered the team into the 2010 playoffs.”

H is for Hossa. The defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks were picked by most experts to drop off from last year after letting go many pieces of their championship team.  Marian Hossa is doing all he can to keep the Blackhawks in the Elite of the NHL.  Hossa scored 2 goals in 2:31 seconds of the the third period on the way to a win over the St. Louis Blues.  Hossa leads the NHL with 7 goals.

I is for Illegal Hits. After many NFL players went down with injuries on blows to the head on Sunday, all over the sports websites and ESPN this morning are talking about the leagues stance on trying to enforce the rules of illegal helmet to helmet hits with greater effectiveness.  A possible one game suspension is in the works and the debate begins of whether or not this is appropriate for a game that prides itself on toughness and big hits.

J is for Jacked up! Eagles young Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson got his head knocked off and out of this country on Sunday by Atlanta Falcons Dunta Robinson.

K is for K’s. K’s as in Cliff Lee and his bakers dozen of them vs the Yankees in game three of the the ALCS.  Cliff Lee is looking like the greates post season pitcher we have seen in a looooong time and has his Rangers up 2 games to 1 over the team from New York.

L is for Lee. Cliff Lee’s performance on Sunday was so good it had to be talked about again.  I still can not get over what a game Cliff Lee had vs the Rangers.  His ERA in the playoffs is now 1.26 and he is 7-0.  Put a ring on that and he very well could be the greatest playoffs pitcher of all time.

M is for Midnight Madness. This past weekend was the opening night of college basketball.  With teams able to practice for the first time, college campuses across the country were up all night watching their respective teams host slam dunk contests, dance offs, introduce new players, shave coaches heads, and give away prizes.

N is for Newton. No not Sir Isaac, were talking Cam.  Auburns freakishly big Quarterback Cam Newton, has the Tigers undefeated and atop the SEC after a crushing of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Auburn won the game 65 to 43 lead by Cameron Newton.  Newton was 10 of 14 for 140 yards and a touchdown and added 148 yards rushing and 3 TDs.  I smell a Heisman.

O is for O-H-I-O. Everyone has seen a story on or even a commercial with the students of Ohio State doing the YMCA hand gestures with OHIO on campus.  I doubt there is much of that going on going to class this week.  Number 1 Ohio State lost this weekend by 13 to Big Ten foe Wisconsin.

P is for Phillies Anti Lincecum. Game one of the NLCS matched up Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay.  One of the greatest pitching match ups we have seen in the playoffs in recent memory.  Lincecum got the best of Halladay and the Phillies despite the creative signs by Phillies fans.

Q is for Quick. This is the only way to describe the pace in which Peyton Manning was working on Sunday Night vs the Washington Redskins.  The Colts offense was regularly snapping the ball with around 26 seconds left on the play clock.  Manning was in the zone in the first half on Sunday Night.  Manning went for over 200 yards and 2 TDs in the first half making it look easy.  The Colts won the game and share first place in the division.

R is for Riding Bitch. Phillies first base slugger Ryan Howard was seen on FOX’s telecast of NFL football advertising that nights Phillies Giants game.  Howard was shown riding bitch on the Phillie Phanatic’s ATV on the way to the stadium for his game that night. with the pic

S is for Slim Chin. Two more great ads for basketball shoes.  Those shoe companies sure know how to do it.  Slim Chin is the new Opulence guy.

T is for Tim Tebow. Tebow got in the game and on the board for the Denver Broncos in their crushing loss to the Jets.  Tebow ran it in from five yards out.  Meanwhile his college team is really missing him this year as they drop to 4-3 with a 10-7 loss to Mississippi State.

U is for Unhappy. That seems to be Wayne Rooney’s mood right now as he has expressed the desire to leave Manchester United.  His coach Alex Ferguson has confirmed the reports that Rooney wants out of Man U.

V is for Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar. This coming weekend is UFC 121 and the hype began this past weekend.  Brock Lesnar will be defending his Heavyweight belt vs Velaszquez who is looking to become the first Mexican title holder.

W is for World Cup Inspiration. The World Cup and soccer as a whole may be inspiring young college kids during midnight madness this year.  It is reported by’s College Basketball blog Dagger that the new thing in college dunk contests is the heel flick slam.  Duke’s Casey Peters and Miles Plumlee combined for it at their Midnight Madness and so did Buffalo’s Mitchell Watt.

X is for Xtra Time. (yea kind of a cop out on the spelling).  A couple AFC East games went to extra time.  Both the Dolphins vs Packers and the Patriots vs the Ravens games ended with the Phins and Pats winning 23-2.

Y is for Yipee, Yay, and Yahoooooo. This is what owners of Chris Johnson were likely screaming when Jeff Fisher left his star RB in the game on 4th and5 under 2 minutes in a blowout win over the Jaguars.  Johnson busted a long TD run on the last play of the game for the Titans flipping fantasy match up scores on their ear in the process.

Z is for Zigtech. John Wall is the newest athlete promoting shoes with Reebok’s Zigtech technology.  Ochocinco, Sidney Crosby, and Peyton Manning are a few of the other Zig guys, and now it is rookie John Wall with his own Zigtech Basketball shoe.  here is a look at his special Gold Rush version of the shoe you will see Wall wearing on the hardwood  this season.

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The 9 types of Sports Announcers

Posted by mvetack on May 14, 2010

Every sports fan shares a relationship to a certain extent with announcers, especially home town announcers.  Sitting on your couch with cheetos covering your fingers, your dog passed out on the floor, and your faithful announcer on the TV is just a regular day for you.  Whether you like it or not, or realize it or not, you spend a lot of time with announcers.  Even the ones that do just Nationally televised games you come to know and love (or not).  Here is a guide to the 9 types of announcers your have probably come across in any and all sports.

The Cynic

The cynic is possibly the most annoying of announcers.  He does know a lot about his given sport and makes sure people know it.  Any play or shot that is bobbled or missed he makes sure the whole audiences knows about it for a while.  Up 7-0 in the 8th and your SS is a little late backing up a throw to second?  The Cynic will point this out and talk about it for the rest of the game.  In the Cynic’s eyes an opposing teams lead is always just out of reach and a lead is never safe.  Everyone deserves to be traded and does not deserve their pay check.  The interesting thing about the Cynic is the better the team the worse shape they are in.  Going for a perfect 16-0 season? You will probably lose in the first round of the playoffs.  Too much of the Cynic may lead to excessive use of the mute button.

Probable teams the Cynic announces for –  Mets, Sharks, Chargers, Hawks

Super Fan 99

Super Fan 99 is exactly that, a super fan.  This guy lives and dies with his team and has no problem showing every single emotion on his sleeves.  During the course of a season you will probably hear this man cry, laugh, cheer, and yell in anger multiple times.  Every win is greater than his child’s birth and every loss is worse than the day his best friend died.  Do not try to argue against his team as it will probably end with blood, tears, and broken bones for someone.  The off season for Super Fan 99 is longer than a cross country road trip.  Although you can not knock his passion, you can certainly knock his “homer” style of announcing.

Probable teams Super Fan 99 announces for – Bruins, Lakers, Packers, Gretzky

Old and Crazy

You may have seen Old and Crazy in a science book with the alias Albert Einstein.  This guy is older than that oak tree at the house you and your friends dare each other to walk up to on Halloween.  With old age does not always mean wisdom for Old and Crazy.  Yes at some point in his life he probably made a fine announcer.  But now, he is the best remedy for someone who struggles to to fall asleep.  A ground ball out in the third inning will be followed by a run on sentence lasting till the sixth inning by Old and Crazy.  It would be one thing if there was any meaning to his incoherent rambling, but you definitely end up a dumber person because of him.  Most of his commentating has nothing to do with the football game you are watching or sports in general.  Because of his age and lack of caring, there is always the chance you will hear a couple cuss words or racist comments in the telecast.  The only hope you have when dealing with the Old and Crazy announcer is the fact that the man upstairs may be calling him soon.

Probable teams Old and Crazy announces for – Dodgers, Rams, Hartford Whalers

The Professional

There is nothing great about the Professional but there is nothing terrible either.  This guy is worried most about what critics and fans think of him than anything else.  Coming dressed as if he were meeting the President and treating his announcing career as if he were a news anchor really makes him look out of place.  Clean cut with his looks and what he says is his style.  The Professional tries his best, and succeeds, so much not to be a “homer” in case he gets the call from Fox or ABC to be a national guy.  A walk off HR gets the same reaction as a second quarter punt to the Professional.  Although you may not dislike the Professional, there is nothing really to get excited about when listening to him.

Probable teams The Professional announces for – Blue Jays, 76ers, 49ers

Fame Seeker

The Fame Seeker has one goal in mind entering every single telecast.  That is to get his voice on SportsCenter.  You know how it goes sometimes on Sportscenter, a game winning shot is made and Scott Van Pelt and John Buccigross let the announcer “take it away”.  That is where the Fame Seeker wants to be at the end of the night.  The Fame Seeker is up all night writing witty sayings that he hopes will catch on in the general public.  If he is so lucky to call a triple overtime game with a buzzer beater or a perfect game, he will knock his partners out of their chairs and cover their mouths just so he can shout out his own “Do you believe in miracles!!!”.  Because the Fame Seeker is trying too hard to be the “He Gone” guy, he never will find the fame he is looking for, well he may end up on a viral video saying something like “Bingo Bango”.

Probable teams The Fame Seeker announces for – White Sox, Bobcats, Your local College team

Story Teller

The Story Teller is almost always an ex-player or coach that has found his second profession in the booth.  His go to strategy is to relate (the thinnest way possible) something that he sees to something that happened on his team back in his day (which was always a better time).  By the end of one season with this guy or even one game, you will know what size shoe he wears, who he roomed with in 1972, and how much he did not get paid back in the day.  The Story Teller is very knowledgeable about the game and more than likely able to write a great book.  The problem is, he pretty much says a books worth of stories in just a couple of hours every night.  Just about every commercial break the Story Teller is certain to start a story that in no way he can wrap up in the given time, but don’t you worry you will hear it when they come back.

Probable teams the Story Teller announces for – Reds, ESPN

Mr. Fundamentals

Mr. Fundamentals is always an ex-coach from any level.  He also is more than likely to have a kid playing as a role player in the league he announces for.  Alley Oops, baggy shorts, the DH, and two running back systems are not for Mr. Fundamentals.  With a Jason Richardson between the legs dunk at one end and a post up turn around jumper from the elbow from Garnett at the other end to choose from to talk about, it is Garnet’s Elbow jumper all the time.  Mr. Fundamentals is always holding a bat, ball, or both while announcing for a chance to show off the fundamental way of bunting, shooting, or gripping a curve ball.  If you are an 8 year old watching this telecast you should pay attention and learn a lot from this guy.  If you are a 32 year old, watch and create a drinking game of some sort.

Probable teams Mr. Fundamentals announces for – Jazz, Braves, Tim Duncan

Idea Man

The Idea Man is the youngest guy on the list.  He plays fantasy sports more than he bathes and has the solution to every team’s problems (especially his own teams).  After a 2 – 2 start he is calling for a 23 way trade that would get rid of the quarterback and get a future hall of famer in his prime, and don’t worry, it makes sense trust him.  The Idea Man played high school sports and captained his college intramural team.  He shouts out of the booth down to the Outfielders to shift left and right all while looking up every stat imaginable so he can “tell” the team who to call up from the minors.  Draft day is more entertaining to the Idea Man than a Rocky Marathon in 3-D! Which by the way would be fricken awesome.  5 out of every 250,000 of the Idea Man’s ideas actually happen and 1 out of those 5 actually work.

Probable teams the Idea Man announcers for – Red Sox, Redskins, Knicks, his own fantasy team if he could

Living the Life

The Living the Life announcer might just be the most likable of all the announcers.  Although he cares for his team, he realizes that it isn’t the end of the world if they lose or make a questionable decision.  The Living the Life announcer realizes that he gets to talk about the game and team he loves on a daily basis and gets paid for it.  In the off season he is probably sitting on a beach with a cold drink in hand until the sun goes down.  Living the Life tells it like it is and has fun along the way.  No one gets more excited about the Aflac trivia question then this guy and no one will congratulate you more if you get it right.  Living the Life has probably retired from his career job to live in his dream location covering his favorite or just most convenient team for the area he now calls home.  The only reason to hate this guy is for the life he has which you are jealous of or you are over passionate and expect him to be the same.

Probable teams Living the Life announces for – Jaguars, Marlins, NBA Kings, any and all Spring Training games

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Joxygen gets 10,000 hit! More than Pete Rose, Derek Jeter, and Barry Bonds combined

Posted by mvetack on May 6, 2010

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Keep your Hockey Craving Alive

Posted by mvetack on March 1, 2010

The Olympics are over and it was topped off with an amazing USA vs Canada hockey game that had United States residents loving hockey again.  Hockey in America has dropped off in popularity over the years and it doesnt help that the Versus Network has broadcasting rights to NHL games, including playoffs, and more people than not do not get the Verus channel.  While hockey is relevant again in most households some new fans or revitalized fans may try to grow out the mullets and bring their hockey fandome back.  Here is a little guide to where these young kids representing the USA play their hockey regularly, how they have been doing statistically, and where you can catch them in the coming week.


Ryan Miller – Buffalo Sabres – SV% .93 (2nd) – GAA 2.16 (2nd) – SO 5 (5th) Faceoff against the guy who got the puck through his five hole (Sidney Crosby) in Pittsburgh on March 3rd followed by a match up vs a likely pissed offf Ovechkin and the Capitals on Friday, March 5th.

Tim Thomas – Boston Bruins –  SV% .915 (16th) – GAA 2.52 (14th) – SO 4 (6th) Thomas has a chance at Olympic revenge taking on two straight Canadien teams.  Rival Montreal on Tuesday night and Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday March 4th.

Jonathan Quick – Los Angeles Kings –  SV% .907 (27th) – GAA 2.53 (15th) – SO 2 (20th) Quick will have to wait two more games until he returns home when he plays both the Stars and Predators on the road on Tuesday then Thursday night.


Brian Rafalski – Detroit Red Wings – G 4 (360th) A 25 (81st) P 29 (168th) +/- 15 (35th) Rafalski and his Red Wings teammates start their playoff surge at rival Colorado (Monday) and against Canadien Goalie Luongo of the Canucks on Wednesday.

Ryan Suter – Nashville Predators – G 2 (462nd) A 24 (91st) P 26 (204th) +/- 9 (77th) Suter will be welcomed back to “Smashville” when his team takes on the Oilers on Tuesday and the Kings on Thursday.

Tim Gleason – Carolina Hurricanes – G 5 (324th) A 13 (263rd) P 18 (296th) +/- 1 (270th) Gleason and his Carolina teammates take on back to back Canadien squads upon return from the Olympics with Maple Leafs on Tuesday and the Senators on Thursday.

Jack Johnson – Los Angeles Kings – G 6 (290th) A 20 (142nd) P 26 (204th) +/- -12 (784th) Johnson will have to wait two more games until he returns home when he plays both the Stars and Predators on the road on Tuesday then Thursday night.

Erik Johnson – St. Louis Blues –  G 6 (290th) A 23 (99th) P 29 (168th) +/- 0 (333rd) Erik Johnson’s Blues are on the road twice this week.  Tuesday against Gretzky’s Coyotes and Thursday against perhaps the greatest US hockey player Mike Madono and the Stars.

Brooks Orpik – Pittsburgh Penguins – G 1 (554th) A 18 (176th) P 19 (282nd) +/- 7 (101st) Brooks Orpik will rejoin Canadien Hero Sidney Crosby and dissapointed and medal-less Malkin as the Penguins take on Ryan Miller and the Sabres on Tuesday and the New York Rangers on Thursday night.

Ryan Whitney – Anaheim Ducks – G 4 (360th) A 24 (91st) P 28 (184th) +/- -6 (668th) Whitney and his Mighty less Ducks take on the Avalanche at home on Wednesday and then the Coyotes in a weekend game on Saturday night.


David Backes – St. Louis Blues – G 13 (127th) A 22 (113th) P 35 (111th) +/- -2 (490th) Shot % 10.5 (237th) David Backes and his Blues are on the road twice this week.  Tuesday against Gretzky’s Coyotes and Thursday against perhaps the greatest US hockey player Mike Madono and the Stars.

Dustin Brown – Los Angeles Kings – G 15 (94th) A 27 (66th) P 42 (72nd) +/- -2 (490th) Shot % 8.1 (355th)  Dustin Brown, like teammates Jack Johnson and Jonathan Quick, will have to wait two more games until he returns home when he plays both the Stars and Predators on the road on Tuesday then Thursday night.

Ryan Callahan – New York Rangers – G 15 (94th) A 17 (191st) P 32 (141st) +/- -10 (760th) Shot % 8.8 (324th) Callahan and fellow Olympian teammate Chris Drury get the Senators on Tuesday night and a chance at revenge on Sid the Kid and the Penguins on Thursday night.

Chris Drury – New York Rangers – G 10 (191st) A 12 (279th) P 22 (251st) +/- -11 (771st) Shot % 9.0 (314th)  Drury and fellow Olympian teammate Ryan Callahan get the Senators on Tuesday night and a chance at revenge on Sid the Kid and the Penguins on Thursday night.

Patrick Kane – Chicago Blackhawks –  G 25 (18th) A 42 (11th) P 67 (9th) +/- 19 (19th) Shot % 12.6(151st) Patrick Kane will return to his Blackhawks as the only American Olympian and take on Islanders on the road on Tuesday, the Oilers at home on Wednesday, and the Red Wings at home on Sunday as the NBC game of the week.

Ryan Kesler – Vancouver Canucks –  G 16 (83rd) A 38 (18th) P 54 (27th) +/- 2 (231st) Shot % 9.8 (275th) Kesler will leave Olympic home Vancouver for a long road trip starting with the Blue Jackets on Tuesday and the Red Wings on Wednesday.

Phil Kessel – Toronto Maple Leafs –  G 21 (31st) A 20 (142nd) P 41 (81st) +/- -3 (559th) Shot % 9.8  (275th) Kessel will rejoin his Maple Leafs teammates back in Canada when they take on the Hurricanes on Tuesday and head to Boston to take on the Bruins on Thursday night.

Jamie Langenbrunner – New Jersey Devils –  G 15 (94th) A 37 (20th) P 52 (32nd) +/- 10 (65th) Shot % 8.2 (352nd) Langenbrunner and team USA teammate Zach Parise will be on the road against both Joe Thornton and the Sharks on Tuesday and Jarome Igninla and the Flames on Friday.

Ryan Malone – Tampa Bay Lightning –  G 21 (31st) A 22 (113th) P 43 (67th) +/- -5 (634th) Shot % 12.7 (142nd) Malone will try to lead his Lightning to victories over the Flyers on Tuesday night and Ovechkin and the Capitals on Thursday night.

Zach Parise – New Jersey Devils –  G 28 (9th) A 33 (33rd) P 61 (17th) +/- 24 (10th) Shot % 10.6(235th) Parise and team USA teammate Langenbrunner will be on the road against both Joe Thornton and the Sharks on Tuesday and Jarome Igninla and the Flames on Friday.

Joe Pavelski – San Jose Sharks –  G 16 (83rd) A 19 (158th) P 35 (111th) +/- 8 (86th) Shot % 10.3(248th) Pavelski’s Sharks start their charge for 1st place overall (one point behind the Capitals) vs the Devils on Tuesday and vs the Canadiens on Thursday.

Bobby Ryan – Anaheim Ducks –  G 28 (9th) A 21 (126th) P 49 (39th) +/- 4 (152nd) Shot % 14.6(79th) Ryan and his Mighty less Ducks take on the Avalanche at home on Wednesday and then the Coyotes in a weekend game on Saturday night.

Paul Stastny – Colorado Avalanche –  G 12 (151st) A 42 (11th) P 54 (27th) +/- 9 (77th) Shot % 8.3(345th) Stastny and the Avalanche will have another rivalry game, maybe not to the magnitude of the USA vs Canada game, vs the Red Wings Monday night in Colorado and then travel to Anaheim to take on the Ducks on Wednesday night.

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Experiencing USA vs Canada Hockey without MSNBC

Posted by mvetack on February 22, 2010

America's Rafalski lead team USA with 2 goals

Last night in prime time the underdog USA hockey team took down the heavily favored Canadians.  That, you all know.  If you are like me, you may not know how exactly it happened.  That is because your cable package does not include MSNBC, the channel that was providing the biggest game of the Olympics so far. Here is how I, someone without the game on tv, experienced the mammoth upset.

After getting out of work an hour early on Sunday, I rushed home to watch the first good hockey match up of the day, Czech Republic versus Russia.  After watching a great physical game of hockey I knew I had a couple of hours until the nightcap – USA vs Canada.  That is until i heard Bob Costas say. “Coverage starts at 7:00 on MSNBC”.  Referring to the USA Canada game.  This got me a little nervous as I don’t have MSNBC.  But, earlier in the Olympics another game, I believe Canada was playing, was said to be on MSNBC but CNBC (which I get) also carried it.

So approaching game time I began watching CNBC and they were showing Curling.  This was around 7 o’clock.  I knew the game was at 7:45 and the curling match was closing in on the 10th end so I knew it would end about five minutes prior to the opening face off.  Curling ended, with the US losing once again, and no sign of a hockey game.  They switched to another curling match and this is when I was really worrying.  But, the match was again in the 1oth end so maybe the hockey game wasn’t officially starting till a bit later.  Well that match ended and then disaster!  SI swimsuit history or something like that was starting.

CNBC = not carrying the game.  Next step try NBC.  Flipped to NBC (with no confidence it would be on) and saw them talking about tonight’s lineup.  A good line up indeed.  Two man bobsledding, pairs figure skating, and Bode Miller going for gold.  So quickly flipped to the last channel that was showing Olympics all week in the USA network.  The USA network had to carry this game. USA hockey on USA network, a match made in Olympic heaven!  But no, Pirates of the Caribbean was more important to the world.  Yea Jack Black is awesome in those movies but come on, I can rent that any day of the week.

On a side note I realized that I could watch New Hampshire native Bode Miller go for Gold instead (reluctantly a decent substitute) but it was about this time that my brother walked in the house and announced that Bode Miller won Gold.  NOTE – he did not know what we were watching at the time, and he figured we were watching the Hockey game anyway.  Still, kind of sucked.  The one thing I could accept watching for the next couple of hours I knew the results of.

So no game on TV and Bode already had Gold.  Next option was to go watch the game in crappy and choppy streams at select sites (very possibly in another language) This would have to do but I wasn’t rushing to get online as I was settling on watching Bode anyway.   Then my friend (who has MSNBC and the game on tv) texted me that USA was up 2-1 with 9 minutes left in the first period.  This exciting news convinced me I had to watch this game.  I could be missing something special.  (My friend lives too far away to drive to see the game.  Would not have seen much of it if I made the drive.)

So to the internet I went.  Found the game and it was extremely choppy.  The Ratio of video to frozen picture of the game was easily 10:1.  This was my best option until another stream resulted in decent video with French broadcasters.  At this point I vented my frustration to the world of Facebook posting how I hate not having MSNBC for once and how I am missing the game.  Seeing this post my sister responded with a convincing argument of yes you do have that channel I know you do.  Lets back up a minute, I of course flipped through every channel on my TV twice while i knew the game was not in a commercial to make sure.  So she suggested how to watch it and when getting to that medium the other French broadcast stopped working and her idea failed.

So now I have nothing but a friend text messaging.  I got another text about an hour after this fiasco began saying that the game is all tied up at 2.  Upset that I am not watching this game, I already know Bode won, and now we gave up a goal.  What a mess. Finally a link decided to work again and now the video to still picture ratio was at 2:1.  This would have to do and it did.  Watching players chop their way down the Ice I witnessed us having the puck at one moment and the next moment seeing Drury celebrating with teammates.  My brother and I yelled Goal!!! with a little bit of a question in our tone.  Then the text came and yes we were indeed up 3-2.

At this point it was the second intermission and I set out to find who had scored our goals.  In the world of being able to watch TV online ( even if is in French and choppy ) I could not for the life of me find a box score or gamecast of the game.  I searched every website imaginable and All I got was a quick update paragraph saying that Drury had given us a lead.  Finally right before the third period began had a game thread going on the hockey game and I quickly found that Rafalski scored our first two goals.

On to the third period.  The choppy stream was, at the least, letting me know if anyone had scored or not.  I could not see exactly what was happening every second but I could see scoring chances occasionally and if a goal was scored or a power play began.  7 minutes into the final period again I saw the US team embracing on the ice and the score had changed.  Langenbrunner had scored a power play goal and All of a sudden it was 4-2 USA with 13 minutes to play.  Sure enough right then I got another text.

With about 6 minutes to play although by magic a stream worked beautifully.  It was wide-screen and it was working very smooth.  With 5 minutes left in the game I was finally watching the game of the Olympics so far.  This was the most intense five minutes of this decade.  Completely giving up on attacking the US squad was sitting back and doing everything they could to limit the Canadian’s scoring chances to outside slap shots.  6 seconds away from killing a huge power play it was Sidney Crosby who brought his team that he captains to with in one goal.  3 minutes and change remained and I was nervous.  And yes I did get another text.  I didn’t look at this one.

More time passed and so did scoring chances.  Ryan Miller was playing out of his mind and deferring scoring chance after scoring chance.  Finally we noticed the Canadians had 6 guys on the ice (remember we are watching this in a different language) and realized they had pulled thier goalie with about a minute to go.  We knew we were in for an exciting minute.  As soon as we got hunkered down ready to see shot after shot after shot for the next minute, Ryan Kesler made a tremendous hustle play and a great diving shot attempt to score the clinching empty net goal.  We then watched the final seconds tick off the clock and the USA raise their sticks in victory.

My experience with this game was not ideal but it will certainly be memorable.  Even though I saw about ten total minutes of hockey being played, I feel that I did experience and see one of the most exciting and important American hockey games of my lifetime.   May the next US hockey game not be on MSNBC and if so may I find a sports bar that is showing it.

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