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Another NBA week bites the dust

Posted by mvetack on December 21, 2010

The Magic overhauled their team adding Arenas, Richardson, and bringing back Turkoglu while letting go Gortat, Vince, and Pietrus

The win streaks of the Bulls, Celtics, Heat, Knicks, and Mavs are the talk of the league

Paul Pierce goes trip dub in Rondos absence

Joakim Noah goes down for most of the season

Shaq conducts the Boston Pops

Ron Artest visits the Ron Artest art exhibit… and approves

The Hornets are falling back in the Western pack

JR Smith adds his name in to the hat for Dunk of the Year

Yao’s career may be over

Darko hurts himsef on a jump ball

and Manu the “poo god” quietly is making a run for mvp.



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Welcome to Snubsville

Posted by mvetack on January 29, 2010

Every year their is a handful of guys in every sports all star game that seem to get the shaft.  Here is the list of guys pitching tents in Snubsville this season.

David Lee – New York Knicks – The Knicks big man has played like an All Star all season long putting up 19.6 ppg to go with 11.6 reb per night.  Playing on a bad depressing Knicks team is Lee’s undoing this season.  Expect him to be ballin at the All Star game in the not so distant future.

Monta Ellis – Golden State Warriors – The guard position in the Western Conference is absolutely stacked, making it very difficult to get your name in the All Star Game program.  Just ask Deron Williams who just made his first All Star game this season.  Monta is averaging 26 pts 5. 6 ast and 4.3 boards a game.  Only two other guys in the NBA are averaging atleast 25 pts 5 ast and 4 reb.  Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Antawn Jamison – Washington Wizards – Antawn is putting up respectable numbers, 21.9 pts and 8.7 reb per game.  His numbers are not through the roof but hes doing it for a sideshow of a team this season in Washington.  Jamison is the only guy keeping that team afloat.  His numbers may not be better than many guys in the All Star game this season but he has been an All Star character guy and hasn’t jumped ship on their season like most guys would in his position.

Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls – Noah is second in the league in rebounding behind Dwight Howard and is averaging a double double.  If their was a hustle award he would certainly get it as he never takes a play off and ends up on the floor and in the stands on more than one occasion per game.  Joakim was doomed from the start of the voting as he wasn’t on the ballot at all.

Chris Kaman – Los Angeles Clippers – Kaman is averaging a 20.2 point and 9.1 reb average for a Clippers team that has been in much need of a down low presence with super rookie Blake Griffin missing all of this season due to injury.  Kaman is a defensive rock, he does get on a poster from time to time though, and cleans the boards night in and night out.  He just might be the best big man in LA this season.

Josh Smith – Atlanta Hawks – The most consistently best player on the floor in almost every game the Hawks play misses out on the All Star game behind two of his teammates.  No disrespect to Joe Johnson and Al Horford but come on.  Josh Smith’s presence on the court causes missed shots with guys looking over their shoulder to see where he is coming from for the block.  He does it all for one of the best teams in the East averaging 15.1 pts 8.5 reb 3.9 ast 1.5 stl and 2.2 blk on the season.  Across the board this guy gets it done and it is a disgrace he isn’t in the game this season.

Chauncey Billups – Maybe the reason why Mr. Big Shot isn’t in the All Star game this season is becasue he is simply being Chauncey once again.  This guy is a great player who year in and year out puts up great numbers and flat out wins games.  It doesnt help he is a guard in the Western Conference (see Monta Ellis).  Billups is averaging 19.2 pts 5.9 ast 3 reb and 1.2 stl on the season for one of the top three teams in the deep West.

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