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Onions, Dancing, and Shining Moments

Posted by mvetack on March 25, 2010

Well it has been a long three days since the last tournament game.  We have four games on the slate tonight starting at around 7 o’clock.  With a number of “Cinderellas” left in the tournament, there is much intrigue to whether the unknowns can continue their run at the big guns from the likes of Syracuse and Kentucky.

Butler at Syracuse – 7:07

Washington at West Virginia – 7:27

Xavier at Kansas St. – 9:37

Cornell at Kenucky – 9:57

My bracket says Butler, West Virginia, Kansas St. and Kentucky.  I would love to see Cornell, Xavier, and Butler win and I could care less for Washington and West Virginia.  West Virginia is with out their floor general for the rest of the tournament.  Besides having a sweet name, Truck Bryant, I never really noticed how big of an impact he had on the games I saw the Mountaineer play in this season.  It seemed to me that the backup Mazzulla was in in crunch time and seemed to run the floor with success.  He is not much of a scorer but plays solid defense and makes good decisions.  Truck is a little more versatile and gives another option to score but West Virginia should be able to play their game without him.


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Why not Evan Turner?

Posted by mvetack on February 18, 2010

The Chicago native has plenty to smile about leading up to the 2010 draft

We all know about John Wall, but should this guy also be a house hold name?  Wall gets more attention than any other college player from just about any type of media that covers college basketball.  Wall certainly deserves this coverage but does he deserve all the coverage?

Evan Turner has the Buckeyes in the top ten and he is by far the leader of that team.  Turner leads his team in points, assists, rebounds, and steals.  As of Wednesday night, Turner is averaging 19.5 points, 5.8 assists, 9.2 rebounds, 1.9 steals, and .8 blocks per game.  And remember this guy suffered two fractured vertebra back in early December that forced him to miss a month of the season.  While losing three of six games in his absence, upon his return Ohio State has won 10 of 13 games in conference play.  Turner is a big guard at 6 foot 7 and has played the point, shooting guard, and forward this season.  Turner has great dribbling skills and has needed them while being called upon to lead the offense from point guard many times this season.  Turner has a good mid range shot and is not afraid to be physical down in the paint where he finishes with ease.  Turner is also a good on ball defender and great at jumping passing lanes when off the ball.  His size alone makes him a tough matchup as you never know what position he will be playing on the floor.

John Wall is a very good point guard (has to lower the turnovers to be even better) who is athletic enough to do some things that most point guards can not (did you see that pin late in the Texas A&M game?!?!).  But I think we have to keep Evan Turner in the discussion for player of the year and even number one draft pick in the NBA.

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