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Tyreke’s 20 points, 5 assist, 5 rebound average Leads him to Rookie of the Year

Posted by mvetack on April 30, 2010


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Kevin Martin Upgrades Exposure with Trade

Posted by mvetack on February 19, 2010

Averaging 19.8 pts, 4.3 reb, and 2.6 ast per game, Martin was traded on Thursday's deadline

Ask the casual NBA fan what they know about Kevin Martin and you will not get much of an answer.  They may tell you about his odd looking jump shot or his mid 1990’s hair cut, what they probably won’t tell you is anything about his game.  If they have looked at a couple box scores they will at least tell you that he is a decent scorer.  When Kevin Martin was traded to the Rockets in a three team exchange, it was not the Kings, Rockets, or Knicks that came out as the big winner.  It was the NBA fan.

Houston is a much larger market to play in and gets a lot more exposure than his former Sacramento Kings.  Yes the Rocket games may be passed on by some east coast viewers because of the usual 10:30 tip off times, but overall the Rockets highlights are more abundant and their nationally televised games are as well.  Now that Kevin Martin will finally be playing in front of the public eye, this is what people will finally know about Kevin Martin.

Martin is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA.  For a couple of years in Sac-town, Martin has not had too much help and never once did you hear him complain (although you wouldn’t hear about it with him playing in obscurity).  A career 85% free throw shooter, Martin gets to the line almost as much as anyone in the NBA.  If his shot is off, which it rarely is, you can always count on him filling it up at the line.  Martin has had to develop the ability to create his own shot being the leader of a sub par team and he has done exactly that.  Kevin has never been afraid of being the guy with all the pressure on him and that pressure is only going to grow now that he is playing in playoff contending Houston.  Young Trevor Ariza and Aaron Brooks now have a complement to go to that has the expereience with the ball in his hands during clutch time.

Kevin Martin to the Rockets is good for Houston’s win column, good for Kevin Martin, and most of all good for basketball.

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