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Celtics and Lakers look back to their Series Clinching Victories

Posted by mvetack on June 1, 2010


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Celtics vs Magic Game 5

Posted by mvetack on May 27, 2010

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Let me introduce you to… the JameerKat

Posted by mvetack on May 27, 2010

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The last thing KFC’s Double Down sees before Big Baby finishes with it

Posted by mvetack on May 24, 2010

H/T Jose3030

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Give that Man a Guinness

Posted by mvetack on February 23, 2010

Over All Star weekend, Orlando’s Dwight Howard got his name in the Guinness Book of World Records when he hit the “longest basketball shot while sitting on the floor”.  Dwight’s shot came from 52 feet 6 inches from the rim.  After returning from Dallas the competitiveness in Dwight’s teammates, namely Vince Carter, kicked in and challenged Howard’s record as the two tried to one up each other.  Vince Carter clobbered Dwight’s record with this 85 foot bomb from his backside.

I believe you can see Dwight Howard laying next to Vince yell moan, “Oh no” and lay in disbelief as Vince runs away.

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Vince Brings the Insanity Back

Posted by mvetack on February 9, 2010

Monday night there were just three games on the NBA slate and the opening act would be the best of them all.  After surrendering 70 points in the first half to the Chris Paul-less Hornets, the Magic conducted a fierce comeback lead by number 15 Vince Carter.  Lets rewind to about a week ago.

It is the end of January and Vince Carter is wrapping up his worst month of his basketball career.  Averaging under 9 points a game and shooting just 28 percent, Vince is making people second look the Vince for Hedo trade even more than they had been.  J.J. Redick is playing more minutes and is making a serious case in the eyes of fans to start over the All Star guard in Vince Carter.

Flashback to last night.  Following a win against the Celtics where Vince Carter lead his team with 20 points, Vince is looking pretty smooth again scoring 14 in the first half and looks on his way to another 20+ point performance.  As the third quarter begins, the Magic begin to get on a role and Vince regains his super stardom for at least this one night in February.  16 points later and the third quarter is over, Vince has 30, and the Magic have cut the 15 point deficit down to 8.  The fourth quarter only gets better for the Magic and Carter.  Vince begins to knock down shot after shot after shot and puts down 18 in the fourth including the game tying three and some clutch free throws down the stretch.

Vince ends the game with 48 points, 3 off his career high of 51, on 19 of 27 shooting and just 4 free throws and the Magic win the game 123-117.  On a side not Chris Paul’s back up Darren Collison put together a nice night scoring 27 to go with 9 assists 3 rebounds and 4 steals.

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What mattered this weekend #2

Posted by mvetack on February 8, 2010

Celtics fall out of Eastern Elite?

At halftime the Celtics, playing with both Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce for the first time in over a week, lead one of the Eastern Conference powers by 11.  But the Magic were just getting started and the Celtics forgot to limber up at halftime.  The Magic came out of the half a completely different team.  12 game time minutes later and the Magic would be entering the 4th quarter up 14 points behind 9 points in the quarter from both Vince Carter and Dwight Howard.  Yes you heard that right, a 25 point swing in just one quarter.  In total, the Magic outscored Boston 36 to 11 in the 3rd quarter and would keep a steady lead throughout the 4th to win another one against the Celtics.

The loss paints a bigger picture for possible future playoff problems for the Celtics.  The Celtics have now dropped 12 of their last 21 games and are now 2-7 against the three top contenders in the East.  0-4 vs the Hawks, 1-3 vs the Magic, and 1-0 vs the Cavaliers (the victory came on the first day of the season).  The Celtics will likely have to play two of those three teams if they want a shot at making the Finals and having recorded just 2 wins against the group does not bode well for their Championship chances.

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