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Favorite Player Power Rankings: NBA

Posted by mvetack on January 31, 2011

Michael Jordan was and always will be my favorite basketball player of all time.  Even after his retirement and enshrinement into the Hall of Fame, he still graces video game covers, sells shoes like no other, and stays more relevant than most NBA stars of today.  To get pumped up and ready for my men’s league games I will pop in my Jordan DVDs for pregame.  I originally fell in sports love with Jordan simply because I was young, just started getting into sports, and we shared the same first name.  After he retired I was still relatively young and decided I needed a new favorite player.  Vince Carter stepped into that void in my basketball player obsession nicely.  Vince had the excitement factor with his ridiculous in game dunks and he played for a new team with a kick ass dinosaur as its mascot.  I have supported Vince throughout his career and to this day have owned him in every fantasy basketball league I have taken part in.  I have won 2 in a row and looking for three in a row this season after trading Brandon Roy for Vince Carter in week two.  So without rambling on too much more I am going to use the power rankings format to make a list of my favorite NBA players and why.  I love the NBA and many of its players.  Some reasons are stupid, well most are, and players will move up and down from week to week.  So here is the first Favorite Player Power Rankings…

  1.  Vince Carter – Phoenix Suns

Vince was amazing as a high flying new star of the NBA and fulfilled my every need in an entertaining athlete.  It helps that Vince is a former Tar Heel like Jordan. As Air Jordan left Air Canada arrived and has held this top spot for a while now.

      2.     Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls

Because of my love for Jordan, I obviously turned into a Bulls fan.  I enjoyed their dynasty as a youngin and suffered through many MANY years of the “baby bulls” with players like Elton Brand, Ron Artest, and Jamal Crawford entering and exiting.  When the Bulls were fortunate enough to get Rose at number 1 I was so pumped.  Now Rose is an MVP candidate, is a simply fun player to watch play, and carries himself like a pro.  There is nothing not to like about Rose and when he has your favorite team looking like a top team in the league its hard not to love the guy.

      3.     Monta Ellis – Golden State Warriors

Small guys doing amazing things is always enjoyable.  Monta is a little dude with a big game.  Speed, quicks, a smooth stroke, and a lot of hops are some of the things that Monta brings to the table.  I began to like Monta when I saw some youtube videos of him hitting over the head shots from the seats during practice.  To make him seem even cooler, he followed these shots up with a slick handshakes with what looked to be an arena employee.  Creative handshakes is always a plus, creative handshakes with non teammates is even better.  Monta has skyrocketed up to number three in just the last year.

      4.     Dirk Nowtizki – Dallas Mavericks

Dirkus Circus is one of those freaks on the baseketball court.  I guess in the real world all NBA players are freaks with their size and athleticism, but Dirk stands out amongst them.  He is a 7 footer that knocks down threes and has an outside game of a small forward.  When he lets his golden locks flow and his jumper is wet, he tempts me to put him near the top of this list.  For now Dirk is a little banged up, has short hair, and is hit or miss on his jumper.

       5.    Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City Thunder

Durant is one of the few guys that I, and the rest of us, got to watch a lot in college and knew he was going to be a star in the NBA.   Durant’s laid back team first attitude intrigues all of us.  Rarely does such a young kid with so much talent carry himself the way he does.  Durant is a unique player and makes my starting 5 for favorite players at the moment.

       6.     Wesley Matthews – Portland Trailblazers

I admittedly knew next to nothing about this guy this time last season.  Since he signed a big contract with a team I love to watch, Trailblazers, and is now getting a lot of minutes with half the team in suits during the game.  Wes can fill it up on any given night and flashes the three goggles which I am a HUGE fan of.

        7.     Matt Bonner – San Antonio Spurs

As a kid who grew up ( and still growing up I guess ) in the great state of New Hampshire, it is exciting when anyone or anything happens in New Hampshire.  Unlike most states across the country, New Hampshire rarely gets national attention aside from winter storms (sweet) and the Primaries.  The only thing rarer than NH making national news, is an athlete making it big from NH.  Matt Bonner is one of those guys.  After winning the NBA Championship Matt Bonner didn’t announce his plans of going to Disney Land, he excitingly proclaimed how he was, “Going to Canobie Lake Park”,  a staple for any New Hampshire resident.  Bonner has a sweet nickname (Red Rocket), a knack for sandwich making, and a decent game.  But mostly, Bonner is from New Hampshire.

         8.     Brandon Roy – Portland Trailblazers

This guy is clutch, underrated, and everytime I see the highlight of his game winner against Houston with the crowd going nuts I get the chills.  Roy is sooooo talented but just can not stay healthy anymore.  A healthy Roy could be in the top three on this list.

         9.     Gilbert Arenas – Orlando Magic

A couple seasons ago Gilbert was one of the best players in the NBA.  He had a humorous and insightful blog on, and about thirty anecdotes that made him the most loveable guy in the NBA.  Then injuries happened, the gun thing happened, and the silent Agent 0 happened.  If the original Gilbert comes back he could be my next Jordan.  Until that time, I will continue to display my autographed Gilzero’s and Agent 0 uni on my wall until he returns to glory.

         10.   Zach Randolph – Memphis Grizzlies

Randolph makes the top ten for me mostly because of fantasy sports.  Like Vince, Z-Bo has been a part of Jordan’s 3rd Comeback for every season of its existence.  Every year other owners pass on the automatic 18 and 12 and he falls right in my lap.  Z-Bo can barely jump over a dollar bill but remains one of the top rebounders in the NBA.

         11.    Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns

Nash is one of the most skilled ball handlers and creative players in the league.  Year after year people expect him to fall off yet he is quietly having one of his top seasons of his career.  Thanks to twitter his awesomeness has grown.  The many videos he has made have been comedic gold and definitely help him in these rankings.

          12.    Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat

You do not know how badly I wanted Wade to sign with the Bulls this past off season.  Wade carried a team on his back for a couple seasons and might be the best player in the NBA right now.  If he were on the Bulls he would probably have to be my favorite player right now.  His complete game is so much fun to watch and is THE reason I watch Heat games.

          13.     Brandon Jennings – Milwaukee Bucks

Fear the Deer!  Jennings at first was the guy that played in Europe for a year.  Now he is the skinny little lefty that lights it up in Milwaukee.  His double nickel a year ago caught my attention followed by his gumby hair cut during the All Star break. 

          14.     Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers

“Mamma there goes the man” Kobe plays, acts, and carries himself similar to Jordan and is close to catching him in titles.  He is just as competitive and fearless on the court.  The Black Mamba is the NBA and has been for some time.  I love this guy, and his lower jaw.

           15.     Luke Walton – Los Angelas Lakers

This one occurred mostly because of anti Walton talk from my friends.  I am always intrigued by NBA greats spawns in the NBA so I flocked to Walton once he hit the NBA.  Walton is an underrated passer and does the dirt dog stuff because he has to.  Hes not gonna win you a game, make the headlines, or even play minutes but I love when he comes in the game.  One of my friends hates Luke Walton so that only makes me “love” him more.  In 2K8 he was ridiculous from beyond the arch and won me some tight games in the dorms.

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The Week that was in the NBA – Featuring Three Goggles

Posted by mvetack on January 18, 2011

Say goodbye to another NBA week. Kevin Garnett Returned, Blake Griffin goes for a NBA high 47 points, The Clippers claim Staples Center as THEIR court with a win over the Lakers, John Wall comes back and dishes the rock, Chris Bosh hates hustle, Clippers broadcast compares Blake to Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Dominique Wilkins, and Dwight Howard making him the greatest basketball player of all time, Carmelo rumors continue to run rampant, and the “three goggles” travels to the east coast with the Knicks seen using them.

Here are the leaders per game over the last week

Points – Monta Ellis – 31.3

Assists – Rajon Rondo – 13.0

Rebounds – Zach Randolph – 16.7

Steals – Tyreke Evans, Corey Brewer, Alonzo Gee – 3.0

Blocks – Dwyane Wade , Al Horford – 3.0

Three Pointers Made – Nick Young – 3.8

Free Throws Made – Amare Stoudemire , Dwight Howard – 9.8

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Stat Man

Posted by mvetack on October 28, 2010

18/24 – 47 points

3 rebounds

2 assists

2 steals

132-128 win vs Rockets

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Ellis falls short of 40

Posted by mvetack on February 2, 2010

The game that Joxygen decided to follow tonight after I saw the Rockets explode for 39 points in the first quarter.  Ellis tried his best to bring the Warriors back, or he just wanted to up his scoring average, while tallying 34 points by nights end.  Houston went on to win the game 119 to 97 with Aaron Brooks and Carl Landry leading the way with 24 points a piece (Landry off the bench).  Let the fire sale begin for the Warriors? Only time will tell.

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Update on Rockets 39 point first quarter

Posted by mvetack on February 2, 2010

The Rockets slowed down a bit in the second quarter scoring just two points in the first 5 minutes and lead 59 to 49 at the half.  As the Rockets cooled to a normal sizzle in the second, Ellis got even hotter.  Ellis at the half has 27 points (16 in the second quarter alone ) and is well on his way to a 40 point night and a possible comeback.  Stay tuned.

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Huge first quarter in Houston

Posted by mvetack on February 2, 2010

The Golden St. defense is up to their usual selves tonight giving up 39 points to the Rockets.  Ariza has lead the way with 14 points.  Brooks has added 7 of his own.  Monta Ellis is trying to do it himself again with 11 in the first, the only Warrior with more than 2 points.  Look for Monta to go for atleast 40 tonight in a blowout loss.

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Welcome to Snubsville

Posted by mvetack on January 29, 2010

Every year their is a handful of guys in every sports all star game that seem to get the shaft.  Here is the list of guys pitching tents in Snubsville this season.

David Lee – New York Knicks – The Knicks big man has played like an All Star all season long putting up 19.6 ppg to go with 11.6 reb per night.  Playing on a bad depressing Knicks team is Lee’s undoing this season.  Expect him to be ballin at the All Star game in the not so distant future.

Monta Ellis – Golden State Warriors – The guard position in the Western Conference is absolutely stacked, making it very difficult to get your name in the All Star Game program.  Just ask Deron Williams who just made his first All Star game this season.  Monta is averaging 26 pts 5. 6 ast and 4.3 boards a game.  Only two other guys in the NBA are averaging atleast 25 pts 5 ast and 4 reb.  Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Antawn Jamison – Washington Wizards – Antawn is putting up respectable numbers, 21.9 pts and 8.7 reb per game.  His numbers are not through the roof but hes doing it for a sideshow of a team this season in Washington.  Jamison is the only guy keeping that team afloat.  His numbers may not be better than many guys in the All Star game this season but he has been an All Star character guy and hasn’t jumped ship on their season like most guys would in his position.

Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls – Noah is second in the league in rebounding behind Dwight Howard and is averaging a double double.  If their was a hustle award he would certainly get it as he never takes a play off and ends up on the floor and in the stands on more than one occasion per game.  Joakim was doomed from the start of the voting as he wasn’t on the ballot at all.

Chris Kaman – Los Angeles Clippers – Kaman is averaging a 20.2 point and 9.1 reb average for a Clippers team that has been in much need of a down low presence with super rookie Blake Griffin missing all of this season due to injury.  Kaman is a defensive rock, he does get on a poster from time to time though, and cleans the boards night in and night out.  He just might be the best big man in LA this season.

Josh Smith – Atlanta Hawks – The most consistently best player on the floor in almost every game the Hawks play misses out on the All Star game behind two of his teammates.  No disrespect to Joe Johnson and Al Horford but come on.  Josh Smith’s presence on the court causes missed shots with guys looking over their shoulder to see where he is coming from for the block.  He does it all for one of the best teams in the East averaging 15.1 pts 8.5 reb 3.9 ast 1.5 stl and 2.2 blk on the season.  Across the board this guy gets it done and it is a disgrace he isn’t in the game this season.

Chauncey Billups – Maybe the reason why Mr. Big Shot isn’t in the All Star game this season is becasue he is simply being Chauncey once again.  This guy is a great player who year in and year out puts up great numbers and flat out wins games.  It doesnt help he is a guard in the Western Conference (see Monta Ellis).  Billups is averaging 19.2 pts 5.9 ast 3 reb and 1.2 stl on the season for one of the top three teams in the deep West.

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