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The Alphabet game

Posted by mvetack on October 19, 2010

Heres a little thing I saw on (a great website by the way).  They do review of the sports weekend using the alphabet.  So I am taking a shot at it.  Here we go!

A is for Andrei Arshavin. Andrei Arshavin is interviewed for Arsenal TV and answers some non soccer related questions with some interesting answers.  Take a look.

B is for Benched. The Carolina Panthers are going back to Matt Moore after giving the Jimmy Clausen experiment a try.  Clausen looked like a rookie for the Panthers and for now will watch the games from the sideline.

C is for Cliff Diving. Junior Seau, former San Diego and Patriots Linebacker, had a rough weekend.  First he was arrested in a domestic dispute with his wife, then he fell asleep at the wheel and drove his car over a cliff suffering minor injuries.

D is for Double Dip. San Francisco Giants corner outfielder Cody Ross tagged Roy Halladay for two home runs in game one of the NLCS on the way to a 4-3 Giants victory.

E is for ERA 5.26 After falling behind two games to one against the Texas Rangers, the Yankees are in desperate need of a win and turn to AJ Burnett and his season era of 5.26, good luck Yanks.

F is for Freshman! Freshman! Number 5 ranked and undefeated Nebraska took on unranked and struggling Texas on Saturday.  Nebraska’s Freshman QB and early Heisman candidate Taylor Martinez had a rough game going 4 for 12 passing for just 63 yards and rushing for just 21 yards on 13 carries.  The Huskers lost 20-13 and might have said good bye to the Heisman and National Championship hopes.

G is for the Goulet Awards. Minnesota Twins Starting Pitcher Carl Pavono is a finalist for 2010’s “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year”  On why Pavano was selected as a finalist, the American Mustache Institute said,

“Many thought Carl Pavano’s baseball career was done. And then hegrew a mustache. Since then, he resurrected his career with a 17-11 record in 2010, 3.75 ERA, and a Central Division Championship. His Pavstache single handedly brought the popularity of lip garments back to Minnesota and powered the team into the 2010 playoffs.”

H is for Hossa. The defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks were picked by most experts to drop off from last year after letting go many pieces of their championship team.  Marian Hossa is doing all he can to keep the Blackhawks in the Elite of the NHL.  Hossa scored 2 goals in 2:31 seconds of the the third period on the way to a win over the St. Louis Blues.  Hossa leads the NHL with 7 goals.

I is for Illegal Hits. After many NFL players went down with injuries on blows to the head on Sunday, all over the sports websites and ESPN this morning are talking about the leagues stance on trying to enforce the rules of illegal helmet to helmet hits with greater effectiveness.  A possible one game suspension is in the works and the debate begins of whether or not this is appropriate for a game that prides itself on toughness and big hits.

J is for Jacked up! Eagles young Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson got his head knocked off and out of this country on Sunday by Atlanta Falcons Dunta Robinson.

K is for K’s. K’s as in Cliff Lee and his bakers dozen of them vs the Yankees in game three of the the ALCS.  Cliff Lee is looking like the greates post season pitcher we have seen in a looooong time and has his Rangers up 2 games to 1 over the team from New York.

L is for Lee. Cliff Lee’s performance on Sunday was so good it had to be talked about again.  I still can not get over what a game Cliff Lee had vs the Rangers.  His ERA in the playoffs is now 1.26 and he is 7-0.  Put a ring on that and he very well could be the greatest playoffs pitcher of all time.

M is for Midnight Madness. This past weekend was the opening night of college basketball.  With teams able to practice for the first time, college campuses across the country were up all night watching their respective teams host slam dunk contests, dance offs, introduce new players, shave coaches heads, and give away prizes.

N is for Newton. No not Sir Isaac, were talking Cam.  Auburns freakishly big Quarterback Cam Newton, has the Tigers undefeated and atop the SEC after a crushing of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Auburn won the game 65 to 43 lead by Cameron Newton.  Newton was 10 of 14 for 140 yards and a touchdown and added 148 yards rushing and 3 TDs.  I smell a Heisman.

O is for O-H-I-O. Everyone has seen a story on or even a commercial with the students of Ohio State doing the YMCA hand gestures with OHIO on campus.  I doubt there is much of that going on going to class this week.  Number 1 Ohio State lost this weekend by 13 to Big Ten foe Wisconsin.

P is for Phillies Anti Lincecum. Game one of the NLCS matched up Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay.  One of the greatest pitching match ups we have seen in the playoffs in recent memory.  Lincecum got the best of Halladay and the Phillies despite the creative signs by Phillies fans.

Q is for Quick. This is the only way to describe the pace in which Peyton Manning was working on Sunday Night vs the Washington Redskins.  The Colts offense was regularly snapping the ball with around 26 seconds left on the play clock.  Manning was in the zone in the first half on Sunday Night.  Manning went for over 200 yards and 2 TDs in the first half making it look easy.  The Colts won the game and share first place in the division.

R is for Riding Bitch. Phillies first base slugger Ryan Howard was seen on FOX’s telecast of NFL football advertising that nights Phillies Giants game.  Howard was shown riding bitch on the Phillie Phanatic’s ATV on the way to the stadium for his game that night. with the pic

S is for Slim Chin. Two more great ads for basketball shoes.  Those shoe companies sure know how to do it.  Slim Chin is the new Opulence guy.

T is for Tim Tebow. Tebow got in the game and on the board for the Denver Broncos in their crushing loss to the Jets.  Tebow ran it in from five yards out.  Meanwhile his college team is really missing him this year as they drop to 4-3 with a 10-7 loss to Mississippi State.

U is for Unhappy. That seems to be Wayne Rooney’s mood right now as he has expressed the desire to leave Manchester United.  His coach Alex Ferguson has confirmed the reports that Rooney wants out of Man U.

V is for Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar. This coming weekend is UFC 121 and the hype began this past weekend.  Brock Lesnar will be defending his Heavyweight belt vs Velaszquez who is looking to become the first Mexican title holder.

W is for World Cup Inspiration. The World Cup and soccer as a whole may be inspiring young college kids during midnight madness this year.  It is reported by’s College Basketball blog Dagger that the new thing in college dunk contests is the heel flick slam.  Duke’s Casey Peters and Miles Plumlee combined for it at their Midnight Madness and so did Buffalo’s Mitchell Watt.

X is for Xtra Time. (yea kind of a cop out on the spelling).  A couple AFC East games went to extra time.  Both the Dolphins vs Packers and the Patriots vs the Ravens games ended with the Phins and Pats winning 23-2.

Y is for Yipee, Yay, and Yahoooooo. This is what owners of Chris Johnson were likely screaming when Jeff Fisher left his star RB in the game on 4th and5 under 2 minutes in a blowout win over the Jaguars.  Johnson busted a long TD run on the last play of the game for the Titans flipping fantasy match up scores on their ear in the process.

Z is for Zigtech. John Wall is the newest athlete promoting shoes with Reebok’s Zigtech technology.  Ochocinco, Sidney Crosby, and Peyton Manning are a few of the other Zig guys, and now it is rookie John Wall with his own Zigtech Basketball shoe.  here is a look at his special Gold Rush version of the shoe you will see Wall wearing on the hardwood  this season.


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Butler’s run ends at the Hands of Duke

Posted by mvetack on April 6, 2010

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Spring is in the Air

Posted by mvetack on March 29, 2010

This coming weekend (we are counting Monday this time) is like the Boondock Saints of the sporting calendar.  It is a very enjoyable three day stretch that does not get too much attention.  Boondock Saints is one of those movies that a lot of people have yet to see but once they do they realize how undervalued it is.  That is what this coming weekend is to me.

Saturday is the two final four match ups.  Duke taking on West Virginia and everyone’s tournament darling Butler taking on Michigan State.  This is five solid hours of great basketball.  Sparty vs Dogs, Dickie V’s Dukies vs the Mountaineers and their Beers,  whats not to be excited about.  After your fill of college basketball Sunday, like the good Lord intended, will be a day of rest.  That is until darkness falls upon us.

Thats right come nightfall the 2010 baseball season begins.  And what a way to kick off the season.  One of the longest and fiercest rivalries in baseball will take place at Fenway Park.  The Yankees will take on the Red Sox in their first action since celebrating their 27th world championship.  Of course this being a Red Sox Yankees game you know this one is going to carry us into Monday morning.  As the final pitch in Fenway is thrown and everyone gets their sleep, they wake to a glorious day of sport.

This is like Christmas morning and only comparable to the first two days of the Big Dance in March.  This is Baseball’s official opening day.  In parks across America gates will be opened and fans will flood them to catch a look at the team that will play with their emotions all season long.  Seeds will be spit, pine tar will be rubbed, strikes will be called, the lines will be chalked, and home runs will be slugged.  This my friends is opening day.

After getting your fix on April baseball don’t give up on this amazing stretch of sports.  For the nightcap we will crown the new College Basketball Champions.  The final game of the season will truly determine who has fought the hardest, played the best, survived the longest, and earned the right to cut down the nets and enjoy their one shining moment.

If have yet to experience this spectacular stretch of sport please take a seat, grab some grub, and enjoy.  And if you have time, watch Boondock Saints, it truly is a great movie.

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Butler Wins, Butler Wins!

Posted by mvetack on March 25, 2010

Butler came into the game riding by far the nations longest win streak at 22 games.  Despite this, they came in as under dogs to the high powered attack of Syracuse.  Butler got off to a hot start defensively while getting easy shots on the offensive end.  Just under four minutes in and Butler lead by 12.  Butler’s defense saved them in this game on their way to a four point victory.  Besides Butler’s defense, I though they played poorly (maybe thats an exaggeration).  They did do some things poorly.

At the onset of the game Butler showed us how they were going to attack the “best” zone in America.  Their strategy was working beautifully.  Two guards up top with the third guard/forward running the free throw line.  Howard posted just below the elbow, and Heyward ran th baseline and spotted up in the corners.  This allowed for two or three chances to pass into the interior of the zone.  As the game went on, Butler changed to having three guards up top just standing and swinging the ball, Howard posting in the paint, and Heyward running the base line.  The result was al lot of deep threes that did not fall.

Butler shot just under 40 percent for the game and this is a big reason why.  Rarely did they penetrate from the wing.  Which they had many times.  Every time a wing guard caught the ball on Rautin’s side there was a lane that Butler could at least penetrate to draw two defenders and, sorry do not remember his name, the short lefty would be open in the corner every time, or Howard would be able to get better position.  At the least this would allow for kick outs to threes from the arc not three feet behind.

There is no point really in breaking down how I, not a qualified coach by any means, would attack the Syracuse zone the way they played it tonight.  The Cuse are heading home and Butler played their style ball and are on to the elite 8.

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March Madness lives on in the NBA

Posted by mvetack on March 10, 2010

March Madness is officially here.  If you were lucky enough like me to be home this afternoon (well maybe its not luck that has you home) but either way if you were home today lucky or unluckily, your TV was probably tuned to ESPN for a while.  Thats because the Big East Tournament has begun.  The early rounds just started getting played out in the premier conference in the NCAA.  When March Madness arrives there is a group of guys in the NBA that will always pop into my mind.

These guys are not necessarily the best college players of all time and they are not necessarily only going to be known for their college careers, but for some reason or another to me they will not be forgotten as long as the Big Dance is still around.

Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic guided one of the most memorable college basketball seasons in my 22 years on this earth.  St. Josephs came out of no where and road the back of their leader, all 5 foot 11 of him, to a near undefeated season. Finishing the regular season at 27-1, St. Josephs entered the tournament as the number one overall seed and reached the Elite Eight where they were knocked off by number 2 seed Oklahoma State.  Despite not making it to the National Title, Jameer took us all on an unbelievalbe ride, as we watched him and his teammates take over college basketball during the 2004 season.

Tayshaun Prince of the now lowly Detroit Pistons first entered our living rooms as the lanky forward at power house Kentucky.  Prince was a guy that could completely change a game at will.  In one game against North Carolina, Prince made 5 consecutive three pointers on the way to a 20 point blow out lead.  Playing at Kentucky meant that Prince was always around when it came tournament time.  He seemed to play college ball for about 8 years and besides his chase down block on Reggie Miller (my last memory of Reggie Miller the basketball  player) the image in my head when hearing Tayshaun’s name is him playing ball at a high level as a Wild Cat.

Mike Bibby of the Atlanta Hawks was a player from one of my earliest memories of the NCAA tournament.  Being a young guy loving basketball, I played more in the drive way then I actually watched on TV.  Before the tournament began my Uncle put every team in a hat and we all (about ten family member) drew teams.  My brother got the Kentucky Wildcats and my Uncle got the Arizona Wildcats.  This is memorable because the two teams met in the National Championship.  All Freshman Mike Bibby lead Arizona to the championship victory over Kentucky and resulted in my brother winning second place.  My brother and I followed that tournament so closely and Bibby was on our radar the whole tournament knowing that our Uncle had that Arizona squad and that we might end up facing them down the road.  Bibby was probably the first enemy I developed in college basketball.

There are more guys that will be added to this list in the future and there are definitely some guys that will always come up at some point in my mind in March but never made an impact in the NBA.  Gerry McNamara, Khalid El-Amin, Ed Cota, and Mateen Cleeves just to name a few.  March is a perhaps the greatest month of the year for competition and I look forward to adding more memories for the future in the 2010 Big Dance.

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Internet Gold – NCAA Sweet 16 Game Video

Posted by mvetack on February 23, 2010

The official NCAA Vault has launched at  It is easy to say this is the greatest video collection of all time.  The website allows you to watch full game broadcasts and highlights with stats of every Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, and National Championship game since 2000.

I will definitely be wasting away some hours watching the Tarheels two National Title runs in the decade.  I will not be watching their games against Georgetown and Kansas.

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Thursday Night’s Stat Line Winners

Posted by mvetack on February 5, 2010

Ben Hansbrough – Notre Dame

12 pts 8 reb 9 ast 2 stl – W 83-65 vs Cincinnati

Luke Harangody – Notre Dame

37 pts 14 reb 2 ast – W 83-65 vs Cincinnati

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