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The Week that was in the NBA – Featuring Three Goggles

Posted by mvetack on January 18, 2011

Say goodbye to another NBA week. Kevin Garnett Returned, Blake Griffin goes for a NBA high 47 points, The Clippers claim Staples Center as THEIR court with a win over the Lakers, John Wall comes back and dishes the rock, Chris Bosh hates hustle, Clippers broadcast compares Blake to Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Dominique Wilkins, and Dwight Howard making him the greatest basketball player of all time, Carmelo rumors continue to run rampant, and the “three goggles” travels to the east coast with the Knicks seen using them.

Here are the leaders per game over the last week

Points – Monta Ellis – 31.3

Assists – Rajon Rondo – 13.0

Rebounds – Zach Randolph – 16.7

Steals – Tyreke Evans, Corey Brewer, Alonzo Gee – 3.0

Blocks – Dwyane Wade , Al Horford – 3.0

Three Pointers Made – Nick Young – 3.8

Free Throws Made – Amare Stoudemire , Dwight Howard – 9.8


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A look at each Lottery teams chances of getting number 1

Posted by mvetack on May 18, 2010

A midst the NBA conference championship games this week, it is the losers time to shine.  After all that hard work trying to look like they were trying while still losing, these 14 tams have a shot at changing their franchise for the next decade or two.  The presumed number one pick John Wall was in attendance at last nights Suns vs Lakers game as all eyes were on Kobe.  Tonight, at 8 oclock, after the lottery winning team is announced, all eyes will be on John Wall.  Here are a couple intriguing outcomes that could happen tonight from this years draft lottery.

The New Jersey Nets have a billionaire owner who is sure to spend just about everything to get whoever he wants in Jersey.  Although he can only give so much to LeBron, he can give as much as he wants for staff and to pay a rookie like John Wall if they get so lucky to get the top pick.  With LeBron’s pending decision on what city he will flip on its ear this summer, tonights bouncing balls could have an affect on his decision.  A Brook Lopez + Devin Harris + Number one pick + Billionaire owner + Jay-Z scenario coule = LeBron in Jersey.

The Utah Jazz own the rights to the New York Knicks first round pick this year.  The Knicks, although freeing up money to afford LeBron, may have blown their chances at LeBron now that there will be no young stud coming in to the Big Apple by way of the draft this season.  If the Jazz and their 2.2% chance win the number 1 pick, it can happen remember the Bulls and their 1.7% chance getting Derrick Rose, they already have possibly the best PG in the NBA and hes not getting old anytime soon.  Would they draft Wall and make him a shooting guard? Or would they go with the versatile Evan Turner?  This is a question the fans from Utah would love to argue about starting tonight.

The Timberwolves have the second best chance to win the draft lottery tonight.  Last year they drafted Point guards in the first round as if they were made of gold.  The Wolves drafted Flynn, Lawson, and Rubio.  Lawson was traded to the Nuggets and Rubio never set foot near the court in America as he is back in Europe playing ball.  Do the Wolves have confidence in Flynn?  Do you draft the superior Wall no matter what your roster looks like?  The Wolves have some young guys in Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, and Johnny Flynn and would love to add one more this summer through the draft.

Finally the Kings stole Tyreke Evans from everyone last season who only went on to win the Rookie of the Year averaging a 20,5, and 5.  Beno Udrih is a quality point guard, but you know the Kings would like to add Wall to their squad for the 10,11 season.

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Tyreke’s 20 points, 5 assist, 5 rebound average Leads him to Rookie of the Year

Posted by mvetack on April 30, 2010

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